Police Chopper FERRYING security team to Marsabit crash in Meru.

Police Chopper

The Police Chopper was FERRYING security team to Marsabit crash-lands in Meru; county police boss Patrick Lumumba says injured passengers rushed to the hospital.

A police chopper has crashed at Kaithe Kiroka in Meru this morning after it allegedly developed mechanical problems according to eyewitnesses.

The helicopter was carrying security personnel and details of the crash are scanty by the time of publishing.

However, reports indicate that all the crew aboard the helicopter are all safe. It has also been reported that Meru County Police boss Patrick Lumumba has confirmed that those injured have been rushed to hospital.

“I’ve confirmed with another pilot that all crew are safe,” Zachary Odongo wrote.

The crash has been reported by locals on social media, with some of them sharing photos of the aircraft.

“CRASH. It’s my hope that occupants of the aircraft that have crashed at Kaithe -Kithoka in Meru County are Safe. The month of June July is dark months for Local Air travel,” Billy Mijungu tweeted.

“Police chopper crashes at Kaithe Kithoka in Meru after it developed mechanical problems, witnesses say,” Citizen TV tweeted.

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