Drama At Sudi’s Home As Police Are Chased Away By Residents (Video)


Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has been targeted on Friday night by police officers. However, after the MP posted on Facebook it was surrounded by the police that they were flooded by the young men who went to rescue.

They claimed to have been ordered to arrest the MP and to make him go to police cells his weekend. When the residents have emerged the officers left may have lead to violence that is needless and inevitable with both confrontations with civil society.

The police must consider other methods of Sudi detention that would not go along with the MP’s backers. Sudi is solid as ever unbowed and doesn’t slim his vocabulary. And when he wishes, he says what he’s got to say.

He remained with the citizens and at the time it was impossible to arrest him so he was expected to have driven him home rather than hide in the night. They used the same methods to arrest two politicians, but it’s not that easy in the world.

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