#PoliceBrutality : Rev Natasha – “Human Life Is Sacred ,Treat It With Dignity.”

Many Kenyans who were not old enough to comprehend the events of the failed coup attempt in 1982, the first night of a nationwide curfew was a completely new experience yersterday.

Popular City preacher Rev Lucy Natasha has condemned in the strongest terms the kind of police brutality and force meted upon defenceless innocent civilians.

Rev Natasha in her own wisdom says that this is literally unacceptable and that human kind must be protected as a vital being . Indeed she has questioned the relevant authorities to persue justice to the deceased victims.

The Nairobian preacher has expressed her disappointment following the scene aired on Friday at the mainstream media .

Yesterday , residents were left to their own devices on their way home, with some having to run all the way after much pressure from the police.

Elsewhere, Kenyans attempting to get home before the start of the curfew also faced massive transport inconveniences leading to face to face battles with the police.

Religious leaders , politicians and corporate affairs heads have piled Pressure on the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to take concrete action after incidences of police brutality were recorded on the night of Friday, March 27, following a government curfew directive.

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