My Dad Is A Cop, And Is Mad At Me For Speaking Out About Police Brutality Against Black People.

Police Brutality

Police Brutality Basically, the video of the guy who was killed by the officer by him kneeling on his neck set me off, I’m so tired of seeing these assholes get away with this shit. I made a post on Instagram sharing the story.

I was talking to my family today and my dad is PISSED he acted like I was personally attacking him, and he was agreeing with the cop so I stated that was the problem and if you cant contain someone without putting your knee in their neck you should get a different fucking job.

He went on calling me liberal garbage, when I walked off he was like yeah go ahead why don’t you go make more posts bashing cops? do you not want me to come home alive?

He then went on to say he sees this shit every day and goes on to say black people are getting killed because they act like ass holes and he deserved it. I’m so discussed, this isn’t the first opinion he’s shared that we argued on (his view on rape is a woman’s choice). The fact that my mom agreed with him is sad.

My sister went to say all cops are bad and my mom said well your dad’s a cop, then we were both like well he’s contributing to a fucked up mentality so it kinda proves the point. I feel bad my dad feels bad but holy shit I’m allowed to have an opinion right?

This What People had to say about Police Brutality

My father is also a police officer. And we have had this blowout, it got to the point that a few of my friends and my ex-bf refused to meet him. It took a lot of explaining but when my dad realized I dated someone for a year that he never met and that I had all these friends he never met it was kind of a wake-up call.

I explained that he choose to be a cop meaning he has to set the example on and off duty. We’ve come to an agreement that when shit like this happens we research and compare notes.

There are times when the police officer is in the right, their life was in immediate danger or had been beaten to a pulp, and there are times when the officer is dead wrong and a racist asshole. It def helped my dad and he’s now in a position of power and actively takes measures to decrease racism in his department.

Police Brutality
Getting killed by police is a leading cause of death for young black men in America

1. A cop who thought rape was the victim’s fault botched my sister’s rape case, which should have been cut and dry— she had the bruises, the blood, the bump on the head where he slammed her against the wall, and the DNA evidence to prove that in no way was this anything but a violent assault.

He spent the whole investigation telling her she was ruining her rapist’s life, dragging his feet on the investigation, and not doing anything to even get the guy brought in for questioning. The case went nowhere— a violent sex offender is living scot-free and my sister is paying for therapy for the rest of her life, calling me at 3am sobbing over nightmares, and living with so much trauma that she dropped out of college.

Fuck cops who protect offenders 🙃

2. That is so fucked up. So many cops will go out of their way to not do their fucking job. As a man who was the victim of domestic abuse from my ex-girlfriend, it makes me furious when the cops just brush rape/abuse off like it’s nothing. I’m so sorry your sister was unacceptably dismissed like this, I wish her recovery and justice.

3. es you’re allowed to have an opinion! Especially when that opinion is that cops shouldn’t be murdering people because of their race and getting away with it. 100% your dad is part of the problem and I’m proud of you for standing against that mentality!

4. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, my encounters with trying to report the abuse were not helpful, but I have healed a lot from it! It’s true, I believe that the police often times do blame the victims, with a mentality akin to “if they’re abusing you, why don’t you just leave?” And clearly it is not so easy for anyone. I hope your friends have found healing as well!

5. I know it’s terrible to say that I hope that cop gets jumped in a subway……but I hope that cop gets jumped in a subway. Also, everyone in law enforcement gets triggered by people calling the cops out on their bs. My dad isn’t even a cop, he’s a Steward in a prison but he still gets mad. He doesn’t even know why they get hate because he refuses to look at what actually happens.

6. You should look up narcissistic personality disorder. He immediately jumped to saying you wanted him to not come home alive, that’s an emotional manipulation tactic abusers use to get control of a conversation they’ve lost control of.

7. My boyfriend’s dad is a cop and an ex high ranking marine. We have been together for 2 years and I’ve never met him and sometimes I think this is why my bf hasn’t insisted we make the trip.

8. Yeah my boyfriend’s dad was like….. the kind of marine you would see a movie about. Secret missions, the award for high confirmed kills, and everything. When he was out, he served as a cop for years. To look at him now you wouldn’t know it. He looks like the generic suburban white dad who loves fox news lol. Apparently, he won’t and never has been willing to talk about his time in the service. Which will make it easier to get to know him whenever I get to meet him lol.

9. There’s so much you could say about this subject that it would take you the rest of your life to get through it all. However, one salient point I think is that those personalities that make for “good” cops are the last people who should ever be appointed as cops. Those who have more stable personalities would not do the job for all the tea in China. A generalization I know, but the others are a strict minority.

10. It’s such a shame to hear that you have to aggressive to be a cop in your country. Where I live (UK) your bf with his calm patience would make for a good cop.

11. When I was younger I volunteered with the police and got to play the ‘bad guy’ in training scenarios. I can tell you with 100% certainty that aggressiveness is the last thing we look for here in a cop. If you come in angry then people will match your anger, de-escalation is key.

12. It wasn’t always like that here though. My grandad told me that when he was a boy you wouldn’t dare even look sideways at a cop for fear they’ll slap you for it. In the 1980’s we had huge reforms to our police force which for the most part put an end to corruption. That reform didn’t come easy though, it stemmed from huge political riots up and down the country. Reform isn’t easy but I think with the younger generations like yourself speaking out more and more America gets slowly closer to fixing the problem.

13. How does one see that video and not understand that man was begging to breathe for five minutes? How does a cop see that video and not understand putting your knee into the back of someone’s neck could fatally injure someone? Your dad is a racist, sexist jerk and his attitude is a big reason why cops are not trusted or respected.

How does one become a cop when they hold that rape is a woman’s choice? If he responded to a rape call, he could not act impartially. Putting women’s lives in immediate danger.

Your only opinion should be getting out of that house and away from him and constructing a huge, megaton brick wall between you.

His attitude that cops as a cop do no wrong is exactly why I don’t trust the police.

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