Phone Call That Soothed Raila Making Him Drop The Kibera Rally.

Kibera Rally

Kibera Rally: After a dramatic weekend with Odm leaders throwing words at the president Uhuru kenyatta and his leadership.

The Starndard has come out clear as to why the fomer prime Minister Raila Odinga called off the famous kamukunji grounds rally.

The news paper clearly stated that the fomer prime Minister Raila Odinga received a call from the president urging him to step down cool off things.

This was after the party planned a huge Kibera Rally at Raila Odinga’s “bedroom” Kibera Rally where a huge announcement was expected.

Leaders allied to the former prime minister Raila Odinga have been accusing some leaders of taking advantage of the contentious BBI report.

They have also rumored a possible succession move from the president where the late president Moi’s son is rumoured to be endorsed by the president.

Kibera Rally

This seems to have sparked a heated debate with some people who are close to the president sparking uproar.

Alai, Odm blogger has even made a tweep stating that the famous handshake between the president Uhuru kenyatta and his ally Raila Odinga was long over.

Political heats are currently hitting the roof top around the country as Raila Odinga makes county tours urging kenyans go read and also accept the contentious BBI report.

On the other hand the deputy president William Ruto has been continuing with his empowerment programs around the country.

Kibera Rally

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