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Licenses And Permits Needed To Start Business In Kenya.

Licenses And Permits Needed To Start Business In Kenya.

The thought of starting a business in Kenya can be intimidating and interesting at the same time.  However,  dönt worry you will get used to it.

But before you start that business, you need to understand all the legal requirements needed to start a business in Kenya. 

So we will show you some of the business licenses and the types of permits needed to start a business in Kenya.

1. Unified business permit

A Unified business permit is issued by the county government and contains all the permits and licenses required to run a business.

The beauty of a unified business permit is that you don‘t have to go to different county offices to get maybe a Food hygiene certificate or a Fire clearance license or Advertising signage license because they are all contained in a unified business permit.

A unified business permit is valid for a period of one year after which you have to renéw.

Permits Needed To Start Business In Kenya, Licenses Start Business

2. Single business permit

A single business permit is important in ensuring that a business complies with the established guidelines for that specific type of business. If you want to start a small business then getting a single business permit is vital.

3. Trading license

The type of Trading license or permit to be issued depends on factors such as the geographical location of the business, the number of employees, business type, activities of the business among others.

The cost of the Trading license depends on the size of your business and the industry you have chosen to do business in.

Licenses And Permits Needed To Start Business In Kenya. Licenses Start Business

4.Fire clearance certificate

All businesses in Nairobi are required to have fire safety measures put in place such as a fire extinguisher. After inspection by the Fire safety inspector, you will be certified and get a Fire Safety Certificate.

5. Health and Food hygiene certificate

If you want to open a restaurant or a bakery you should have both a health certificate and a food hygiene license.

6. Advertising signage license

All businesses that have advertising signage of about 300mm by 60mm or less should have an advertising signage license. To obtain these licenses and permits, visit your nearest City Council office and they will show you the way forward.

Those are some of the licenses and types of permits needed to start a business in Kenya.

Licenses And Permits Needed To Start Business In Kenya. Licenses Start Business
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