I Can Be Paying 100k a Month to Any Man Who is Ready to Marry me But on one Condition – Lady Speaks.

Marry me but on one condition

I Can Be Paying KES100k a Month to Any man who is Ready to Marry me but on one condition – Lady speaks

A Facebook user who goes by the name Blessing Grey posted something on her Facebook account page about her paying the sum of KES100,000 to any man that is willing to marry her in one condition.

According to what she posted, it read; “I have what it takes to take care of a man.

I can pay KES100k a month to any man who is ready to marry me but that man needs to be at home and take care of the house while working. He must be good” See screenshot evidence of what she posted

Marry me but on one condition
Marry me but on one condition

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