Fact; Paul Gicheru Did not Surrender to the ICC, he was Surrendered by ‘The Government of Kenya’

Paul Gicheru

On September 3, a circular was issued by the government of Kenya to ban international travel for all State officers and required them to seek permission from the Executive Office of the President.

Thus, Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and officers in ministries, Chief Executive Officers of Parastatals and their officers, and Board of Directors of Parastatals cannot travel out of the country without approval from the office of the president.

Paul Gicheru, a lawyer who surrendered to ICC in connection to the former case of DP Dr. William Ruto in the Hague, is the chairman of Export Processing Zones Authority and therefore could not travel abroad without seeking direct permission from the Executive Office of the President.

After a series of meetings between Paul Gicheru and some unidentified government officials, he was finally cleared to travel to the Netherlands by the Head of Civil Service Joseph Kinyua.

Paul Gicheru used the permission to process visas at the Netherlands Embassy for himself and his wife.

Paul Gicheru then jetted to the Netherlands without having a word with anyone, including his lawyer John Khaminwa. Immediately reaching there, he surrenders to the police at the Hague.

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Paul Gicheru Did not Surrender to the ICC

Then, the ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda writes to the Kenyan Government to surrender the other two suspects.

Fact Paul Gicheru did not surrender to the ICC, he was surrendered by the government of Kenya. ICC is asking the government to surrender the two remaining suspects.

The motive behind all this to enable a fresh investigation of DP Ruto’s ICC case and revive the case. This, its in order to lock him out of the 2022 presidential election contest. The fake deep state is worried that they will be defeated hands down by the hustler’s Nation.

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Will they succeed to revive the ICC case and stop the chief hustler, DP Ruto and stop his quest to State House?

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