Shock! As Another 53-Year-Old Patient Mysteriously Disappears From KNH.


Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) on Wednesday, July 22, issued a statement two days after a patient went missing from the facility in mysterious circumstances on July 20.According to KNH, the 53 -year old male patient was brought into the hospital by the family members but was reported missing while awaiting admission.

“His family had to leave him under our care to be home before the curfew currently instituted by the government,” KNH CEO Evanson Kamuri said in a statement on Wednesday.“We regret to report an incident that occurred on July 20, 2020, at our main facility where a patient was noted missing during the process of his admission.” read a statement from the hospital in part.

The family of the patient had to leave him under care to head back home before to beat the night-to-dawn curfew. From the hospital’s preliminary investigations, the patient left the Accident and Emergency area while awaiting transfer to the ward.

KNH states it then immediately contacted his next of kin to inform them of the incident upon realizing that the patient went missing from the facility.”Upon realizing that the patient was not in the hospital we immediately contacted his next of kin to inform them of the occurrence, “ Kamuri said.

The hospital went ahead to report the matter to the police who are now working with KNH to find the missing patient.


Investigations are ongoing to establish the whereabouts of the patient and upon the establishment of the facts with KNH management promising to take appropriate action.

“Our priority now is to find the patient and connect him with his family and to provide appropriate healthcare,” the hospital CEO said. The hospital further stated that their priority now is to find the patient and connect him with his family and to provide appropriate healthcare. 

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Back in April, 50 people were reported to have escaped from the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Nairobi where they in quarantine.


In a separate incident on Friday, July 17, Grace Andeyo, 51, an accountant with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) left her office at the Kenyatta National Hospital presumably for lunch but was reported missing after.

Andeyo was found unconscious in a house in Nairobi’s Imara Daima Estate on Tuesday, July 21 after a taxi driver told police he took her to the house on Saturday.

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