Top 11 Pastors With Questionable Characters In Kenya

The recent incident in the coastal county of Kenya, specifically Kilifi where pastor by the name of Paul MacKenzie instructed his followers to fast to death so as to meet Jesus Christ opened the eyes of many to the fact that there might be a lot of people presenting themselves as pastors with questionable characters in Kenya and hidden agenda. Mackenzie made himself into a leader of a cult in the Shakahola forest. It is in this forest that he made his followers fast and those who died were carelessly buried.

The following are some of the pastors with questionable characters in Kenya who, depending on various incidences and scandals involving them, can be termed fake;

1.Bishop Gilbert Deya.

He made headlines after coming out to claim that he has powers to make barren and infertile women be able to conceive and give birth.

The preacher based in the US was accused of stealing babies from Kenya and African countries to European countries. He has been accused of sexual assaults more than four times. He calls these babies he steals Miracle Babies.

2 Pastor James Maina Nganga.

He is the founder and owner of Neno Evangelism church whose headquarter is in Nairobi. Ng’ang’a has been accused of killing Mercy Njeri in a fatal accident with his Range Rover and bribed the police to hide evidence away from the public eye.

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He also has a record of being imprisoned at Shimo la Tewa. He has been in the public eye for carrying out staged miracles and healings meant to lie that he is a true prophet. He charges for these miracles that have helped him finance his lavish lifestyle.

3. Bishop Thomas Wahome.

The owner of the Helicopter of Christ church lied to his own followers into believing he had been granted access to God’s Book of Life and began extorting  1000 shillings from them to tell them if their names were in the Book of Life.

His followers touch his clothes at a whopping 1200 bob to get healed.

4 Prophet Victor Kanyari.

Kanyari is a self-declared doctor and prophet who owns and runs the Salvation Healing Ministry. He was exposed by the media for his scamming his followers and soliciting sex from his female church members.

He also organizes his followers to testify of fake miracles performed by him. His biggest scandal is Mbegu ya 310 and Potassium per manganite for miracles.

5.Pastor Allan Gitonga.

He is the leader of Redeemed gospel churches and has been accused of grabbing land around his Huruma church. He charges Ksh 200 to 20000  for a miracle.

6. Pastor Michael Njoroge.

The founder of Fire Gospel Ministry is a fake pastor when it comes to miracles. He allegedly engages with prostitutes and uses them to testify his miracles.

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At one point, he stage-managed a scene where gunmen showered his vehicle with bullets yet he walked away unharmed.

7. Prophetess Lucy Nduta.

She is the mother of Victor Kanyari. She is known as the HIV/AIDS healer as she has made her followers believe that through prayers she can cure it completely. After convincing her congregation she started to charge for her special prayers.

8. Maina Njenga: 

The former Mungiki leader is the founder of Hope International Ministries Church in Kasarani. Though he claims to profess the word of God, he still partakes in the Mungiki paraphernalia inside the church. He also commands a fanatical following.

9. Pastor Wahome: 

He is the proprietor of Helicopter of God Ministries Church which is located within the City Centre. He is a polygamous man with a strong affinity for married women.

Recently he was in a divorce tussle with his former wife claiming for the upkeep of the four children he neglected.

10. Wilfred Lai

He is the Senior Pastor of Jesus Celebration Centre in Mombasa; he has been accused of grabbing parcels of land in Mombasa town and its outskirts.

11. Pastor Arthur Gitonga. 

He calls the shots at Redeemed Gospel Churches. Known for his lavish lifestyle. He is also accused of grabbing a piece of land where his Huruma church is located.

There are several other church owners and pastors who have pastors with questionable characters such as prophet Owuor, pastor Ezekiel, Yesu wa Tongaren, and pastor MacKenzie.

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