Pastor Who Predicted Raila Odinga’s Death On Friday Morning Dies Shortly Under Unclear Circumstances.

Pastor Who Predicted Raila Odinga

Pastor Hezbon Ndirangu who predicted the death of Raila Odinga on Friday morning has lost his life under unclear circumstances.

The 48 year old had in a statement revealed that ODM leader would not see 2021.

“The spirit of the Lord has shown me that Raila Odinga ataionea 2021 kwa viusasa vile vijana huwa wanasema. His time on earth is over” he stated.

Speaking to a local blog, Mrs Cicily Ndirangu who is the pastor’s wife narrates how her husband complained of a severe headache at 2 pm before succumbing to the pain in the evening.

“Tumempoteza mzee kwa njia isiyoeleweka. Yaani kichwa kuuma tu imesababisha kifo” she stated amid tears.

Cases of pastors predicting the future of politicians in the country have risen. In September 2019 another pastor from Kiambu County predicted Moi’s death.

Prophet Eddie Maina earlier this year hit headlines when he predicted that Opposition Chief Raila Odinga was going to be no more on Tuesday, May 12,2020.

In a piece shared by Kenya Today, Prophet Maina, who is well known for  ‘Prophecy of the Handshake”, said the Lord had not revealed to him why he was going to end the life of the longest-serving opposition leader in the country. contributed to this article.

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