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“I Visited Bishop Margaret Wanjiru at Aga Khan Hospital, Laid my Mighty Prophetic Hand on her and she was Healed within Minutes.- Pastor Victor Githu

Pastor Victor Githu

“I visited Bishop Margaret Wanjiru at Aga Khan Hospital, laid my mighty prophetic hand on her and she was healed within minutes. What a testimony! Repent, and prepare the way. Time is over.” – Pastor Victor Githu

The young preacher was interested in one thing and one thing only ever since he discovered his gift and that was to minister the word of God.

He once confessed to having attempted to take his life at the age of five, when his mother tried to curtail his blossoming career.

“I told myself, ‘you lady if you do not want me to preach, it is better I commit suicide’. But as I was trying to tie the rope, I remembered I needed to say goodbye to my brother. My brother could not let me die and he immediately ran to inform my mum,” he once narrated.

His mother who was also present during the live gospel show explained what finally brought her around to supporting her son’s passion for preaching.

Bishop Margaret
Pastor Victor Githu

“He told me that he can preach but I just didn’t believe him. I didn’t even know that he knew English,” she recounted

“So I took him to the market and then went and hid at one of the stalls just to see what he would do. To my surprise, he went ahead and gave a powerful sermon on obeying God with all that you have. I realized there and then that this was his calling,” she further disclosed.

On his part, Githu opened up on the various challenges he constantly faces due to his relatively young age.

“People used to say that I’m crazy when I started preaching, but I tell them one thing, you’d better have craziness that can take you far than the wisdom that will take you nowhere,” he said.

Quizzed on whether he misses being a child and getting involved in games with his agemates, he simply said ‘no’ and added that he prefered engaging in activities such as biking and swimming.

He has been a huge hit on various social media platforms, with his very first video going viral on twitter. Currently, videos of his lively sermons, prayers, and interviews garner an average of 100,000 views on YouTube, a remarkable fete for someone so young.

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