Shock as Pastor Removes Women Pants Smells Them, Then Shaves Her In Church (VIDEO).

Pastor Removes Women Pants

A Nigerian pastor by the name Obbo has shocked his followers after the Pastor removes women Pants in front of the congregation. The pastor claimed that he was delivering her from sins that were in between her legs.

It all started when he ordered her to come forward so as to remove the deadly sins from between her legs. “God has manifested in me that you are carrying deadly sins between your legs, please come forward for deliverance”, the pastor shouted.

Pastor Removes Women Pants
Pastor Removes Women Pants

The pastor unaffected by the reaction from the congregation raised her dress and gently removed the underwear. Everyone in the church was completed shocked. The lady was surprised by what the pastor was doing and she decided to stop the pastor from removing her pant.

Since the photo of the pastor removing the pantie surfaced online, social media users have launched a series of attacks on the pastor with many describing his actions as demonic.

The church leader is also seen instructing the women to remove their pants as he goes on to take a shaving stick and removing their private hair.

Pastor Removes Women Pants
Pastor Removes Women Pants

There is a second man seen assisting the man to collect the shaved hair using a piece of cloth.

Older and young women are seen flocking to have their private hair shaved by the man of the cloth. The pastor also takes time to pray for the congregants and seemed to be speaking in tongues while touching their feet, enabling him to see from below their dresses and skirts

Well, below is the shocking Video of the pastor delivering in a similar manner.

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