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Pastor Ng’ang’ a Must Divorce My Sister, Sister To Pastor Ng’ang’a Wife Move To Court.


A witty Anet Murugi, a sister to pastor Ng’ang’a’s wife has presented a divorce case between pastor Ng’ang’a and Loise Murugi.

She opines that the man of God, Pastor Ng’ang’a, is the architect of his own woes, in as far as his marital turbulence that has culminated into a divorce, is concerned.

He got so deeply immersed into the fake razzmatazz, including hurling insults at some of his church members and forgot he had a wife and a family to take care of.

As he did this, the abandoned wife felt cold, lonely and alone

This forced Anet Murugi to seek a human heater who could also talk and that’s how she approached her sister to look for another man to marry and divorce Pastor Ng’ang’a.


A pastor with the Standard, where he was boss and talked nonsense, the critics that don’t accord to those of his caliber shouldn’t be tolerated.

That’s how Pastor Ng’ang’ a’s goose got cooked, forcing Anet Murugi to rush to court, seeking a divorce while accusing the husband of misusing the family hockey stick on others, while denying her, her sister horizontal rights

Small is Loise Murugi, who is the lawfully married wife to pastor Ng’ang’a looks effective to compete effectively for the featherweight championship.

In the lightweight, no one has ever come anywhere near the record set by GG Kariuki, of Laikipia, the man who graduated with a PhD at age 90.

Apparently, we are still waiting for what would the court emanate as far as the divorce case is concerned.

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