Pastor kills 20 people and left injured with hot Elianto oil.

Elianto Oil

At least 20 people have been killed and others injured in a stampede during an outdoor religious service in Moshi Tanzania

In the middle of service, the presiding Pastor, Bonface Mwamposa poured Elianto cooking oil on the ground and asked the worshipers that the first one to step on the oil will be cured of all their problems, sicknesses, poverty, etc

Elianto oil miracle

The helter-skelter scramble to set foot on the split Elianto oil created a horrible stampede that left at least 20 dead and scores injured


The Jewish god called God, who was supposed to cure them, through the “anointing oil” couldn’t save them from the stampede

Wajinga ndio waliwao! Nature has its way of eliminating fools

Instead of building modern hospitals, industries, etc Africa spends a fortune in building thousands of multi-million shillings churches which they, spend their entire lifetime in, praying for miracles, including being cured of diseases and financial breakthroughs

Nonetheless, that clothed good should be held responsible for the deaths

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