Pastor Ezekiel Odero Released on Bond

Televangelist Pastor Ezekiel Odero has been released on a KES 3 million bond with an alternative cash bail of KES 1.5 million.

Shanzu court Senior Principal Magistrate Joe Omido on Thursday, May 4, ruled that the state did not provide sufficient reasons to extend the custodial days.

The government failed to press charges against the pastor Pastor Ezekiel Odero who was presented before Shanzu Law Courts on Thursday.

Detectives handling the case requested for additional 30 days to detain him for further investigation.

The state said it had obtained new information that calls for the continued detention of Pastor Ezekiel Odero.

The autopsy results on the bodies of the Shakahola deaths, which revealed that some of the deceased, mostly children, died due to strangulation is what the state termed as “new information” and “changed circumstances”.

Post-mortem examination results on one of the 36 bodies examined on Tuesday revealed one of the adults was killed. While most of the victims of the Paul Mackenzie cult died of starvation according to the reports, three died of asphyxiation.

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Three children and one adult died of asphyxiation according to the examination conducted. One adult died of kidney and heart disease, while most examinations show that 23 died of starvation.

“For seven bodies, we were unable to ascertain the cause of death because of decomposition, while that of a child had a head injury,” government pathologist Johansen Odour said.

So far, Dr. Odour’s team has conducted post-mortem examinations on 76 bodies. The other 33 could be examined tomorrow.

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