Pastor Ezekiel Odero Biography, Age, Tribe, Family & Phone Number

Pastor Ezekiel Odero was born in Homabay County. He was a fisherman, a young man from a poor background. He was not fortunate enough to complete his education. In an interview with NTV, he mentions that he did not finish his third year at university. He was educated by an NGO and his grandfather.

Because Luo is the home of English, Pastor Ezekiel explains how hard it was to get Sarah because she did not fully attend the school system and was unable to speak English.

“Some of my family members informed me that Pastor Sarah didn’t go to school when I wanted to marry her. She is not fluent in English. What will the large people say if you marry her and they show up? When I looked at my wife, I didn’t see an English speaker but rather a lovely lady who can manage a ministry. ” He added, “English can’t run a ministry.”

I was then informed by her father that “I have given you my daughter and her sister,” but I told him that I just wanted Sarah.

” She fled because her father and uncle didn’t want me to have her. We were unable to see since it was nighttime. When she returned, her father and uncle had consented to let me marry her,” he added.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero Parents

Ezekiel’s grandfather, Daniel Odero, a former Kenya Wildlife Service employee, moved with him to Seme in Kisumu, hoping to change his life.

He enrolled him at Yeye Primary School, where he would focus on his studies. As a result, he passed when he re-sat his KCPE exams, which earned him admission to Miwani High School in Chemelil, Kisumu.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero Education

Ezekiel Odero started his education at the Ngodhe Island Primary School in Rusinga. However, due to his family’s poor status, he usually went fishing at night – at his mother’s urging – to supplement his family’s income.

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The overnight activity significantly affected his studies, leading to poor performance at school. When he sat for his KCPE exams, he only managed 210 marks out of a possible 700.

After four years at Miwani High School, Ezekiel sat for his KCSE examinations, scoring a mean grade of C.

He then traveled to Mombasa, where he joined the Mombasa Polytechnic (now the Technical University of Mombasa), pursuing a course in Chemical Processing Technology.

Unfortunately, he dropped out of the university in his second year due to financial problems. Ezekiel Odero was raised in a strict Christian family. He attended the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, where he was in the choir.

He also learned to play the keyboard at the church. His Christian background helped set him towards a career in the church ministry years later.

Wife and children

Pastor Ezekiel Odero is married to Pastor Sarah Odero, his wife and partner in his church ministry. The two met at Mombasa when Ezekiel was working as a mason.

Their relationship blossomed into romance after spending time together, leading Ezekiel Odero to propose marriage. The start of their relationship was, however, anything but easy.

Ezekiel Odero revealed that his family opposed the marriage and argued that Pastor Sarah – who dropped out of primary school – was uneducated. However, he pressed on, insisting that he only saw her beauty and the love he had for her.

Ezekiel and Sarah Odero have been married for over ten years and have three children. Two of the children are their biological kids, while one son is adopted – after his brother’s wife died giving birth. The couple and their children live in Mavueni, in the same compound where the pastor’s church is.

New Life Church

The New Life Church is currently one of the biggest churches in the country and is located in Mavueni, which is about 10 kilometers from Kilifi Town.

Pastor Ezekiel explains that the church has a capacity of 45,000 people. The church’s ministry is broadcast live on the church’s YouTube channel, New Life TV KENYA.

Ezekiel Odero arrested

Pastor Odero, who was on Wednesday grilled by sleuths attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), is currently being held at the Coast Police Headquarters in Mombasa County.

NAIROBIminiBLOGGERS has established that detectives are seeking to have Pastor Odero shedding light on his relationship with cult leader Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church as the police continue investigating the discovery of bodies of tens of his followers in mass graves in Shakahola village.

“He has been arrested and will be questioned at the Coastal Police Headquarters in Mombasa County,” Ms Onyancha said.

The televangelist, was on Wednesday briefly questioned by sleuths attached to the DCI over the matter. He was questioned about his doctrine and church operations.

“There is information that he bought the television signals which he currently uses from Mr. Mackenzie,” said a detective privy to the matter who spoke to Nairobi News in confidence.

Already, sleuths attached to the DCI have inspected Milele Funeral Home located in Mavueni, a walking distance from where Pastor Odero runs his church.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero Net worth

What is Pastor Ezekiel’s net worth? The New Life Church preacher is rumored to be one of the richest pastors in Kenya. While he has not revealed his exact net worth, his recent purchase of a 65-acre piece of land where he is constructing luxurious facilities is a sign of his wealth.

Recently, pictures of Pastor Ezekiel’s house circulated online, which – alongside other buildings in his estate – are rumored to be worth over Ksh 1 billion. The preacher has made his fortune from his church ministry, especially by selling merchandise such as handkerchiefs, holy water, and anointing oil.

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