Panic In Murang’a After Several Brutally Murdered Bodies Are Found Dumped in One Village


Fear has hit Gaturi area in Kiharu, murang’a county after several brutally murdered bodies were discovered dumped in the area.

According to Inooro Tv Gaturi residents have been waking up to bizarre scenes of bodies dumped by the village’s entrance.

It’s not yet known who has been killing these innocent men and women and later dumping these bodies by the village.

Residents talking to the media said that the area is a well known crime scene as within the past one year over six bodies have been dumped at the scene.

During the morning incident its alleged residents woke up go a dead body of a middle-aged man dumped at the same scene.

A majority have said this has been the sad reality in the area after peoples are murdered elsewhere and their bodies are thrown at the area.

We want the government and all the relevant security personnels to act fast and make sure security is returned to the area they said.

Insecurity Issues

Insecurity in the country has been a thorn in the flesh for quite some time now, many kenyans have lost their lives in the hands of these ruthless killers.

However, police officers have worked tirelessly to ensure that all Kenyans are secure.

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