Panic In Harambee House, Capitol Hill Square & State House Over Dp Dr. William S. Ruto’s Silence.


Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta are undergoing sleepless nights following the great son of the soil, mtetezi wa wanyonge, DP Prof. Dr. William S. Ruto’s silence.

Reliable sources indicate that the two have been missing their meals because they don’t know what DP is planning in his silence mode. They have urged Him to come out and speak since they can’t withstand his silence. “Sasingine yeye anapanga kunyakua uongozi chini ya maji, namjua yeye msuri”~~ Raila said.

The great William S. Ruto’s silence is shaking the two. The strategical plans the Hustler Nation Commander in chief is working on will leave the two dynasties in a rude shock. He is engaging African political think tanks, strategists, and scientists.

The 2022 presidency we are winning with brains, not force, Kenyans are behind Dr. William S. Ruto, now it’s time to go silent and plan, train hard fight easy.

The two are now urinating on their pants, they have sensed defeat, they look weak and defeated. They have all the instruments of power, they are even planning to hire more including G4S officers to boost them and still afraid of a single man with only Bible and wananchi.


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