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“If You Want To Quit The Hustler Nation Just Leave-In Peace, We Know Your Tricks, “Oscar Sudi Says

Oscar Sudi

Hon. Oscar Sudi has hinted through his Facebook page alleging that there are some Mt. Kenya MPs who are pretending to be in support of Deputy President William Ruto are now backstabbing him.

According to him, they are just pretending but they are already conversant with all their tricks and tactics.

Here is what Hon. Oscar Sudi posted through his Facebook page alleging about some section of My. Kenya MPs who are backstabbing DP William Ruto!

Oscar Sudi

“Mt Kenya MPs who have been pretending to be DP Ruto diehard fans are now having a closed meeting to condition our son.

Latest news affirm that they are in dire need of prime minister and deputy prime minister positions. Hii Kenya ni ya kila mtu.If you want to quit the hustler nation,just leave in peace. We are conversant with your tricks and tactics.

It is very possible for Kenyans to still wetness betrayers before the 2022 election so in my opinion Hon. Oscar Sudi should not be surprised because that is politics everyone is looking for a way of survival come 2022.

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