How Babu Owino Lawyer Ombeta Conned Allegedly American 150K and Failed to Represent Him in Court.

Lawyer Ombeta

The Law Society of Kenya has been called upon to launch an investigation on criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta for defrauding a client Ksh 150000.

A lot of questions on integrity have been raised on the conduct of the said lawyer with many Coming to the conclusion of what transpired between Ali Mohammed and Ombeta was a very unfortunate case scenario of breach of code of conduct between a lawyer and his client.

Many complaints have been filed against some lawyers, at the Law Society of Kenya, but no action has ever been taken. For the country to win the war on corruption, lawyers must be free of corruption and impunity.

 The legal profession is the bastion of justice and corrupt lawyers should be left to do whatever they like.The court’s have also been accussed of being a breeding ground for real rachet of cartels masquerading to represent thieves in court at the same time lecturing people on matters law.

Lawyers are expected to observe a strict code of professional conduct and etiquette in their dealings with clients, colleagues, and members of the public. Unfortunately, this is not the case here in Kenya. The ball is now on LSK court to make sure they weed out corrupt and rogue Lawyers.

In a recent tweet, Ombeta has responded by stating that “Rashid has not bribed me. Did my part. Checked info from the Client, did my due diligence, asked him to clarify, and that is where the problem started. Rashid bribed me? How much? Where? To do what exactly? Let him bring that evidence.”

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