“They Fed Me With Falsehood Rumors about You ,” Okoth Obado Says After Pledging Allegiance to Raila.

Okoth Obado Pledging Allegiance to Raila.

The embattled Migori Governor Okoth Obado has sort to pacify his relations with the Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Amollo Odinga and the party honchos.

While speaking in the burial ceremony of former KTN journalist Dennis Onsarigo’s father, governor Okoth Obado told Odinga that he has been fed with utter falsehood and rumors meant to create a rift between the two.

He went on to assure the ODM party leader that his support for BBI and his presidential ambitions are unwavering, that he is seeking to go to Canaan too.

On his part, the Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Amollo Odinga sort to pacify the tension between the governor and party leadership.

Okoth Obado said that the most important thing right now is the Building Bridges Initiative that is aimed at bringing services to the people.

He urged all the leaders to work together and avoid political sideshows. He reiterated that he will have to bring the county leadership together so that they move as one formidable force.

The Orange Democratic Movement party wanted to impeach the governor after he was charged with corruption and murder charges. This created a rift in the county assembly between those in favor and those that are not.

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