ODM Is using Public Resources to Craft 2022 Strategy Claim Dp Ruto

Dp Ruto

The DP was in Narok for the official opening of the African Gospel Church (A.G.C) Olerai Bethel Sanctuary, Olerai, Narok West, Narok County.

Earlier, DP Ruto alleged that the ODM party was trying to wreck the ruling Jubilee Party.

“We accept that BBI/handshake has been hijacked to craft Odm’s 2022 political line up. Unity/inclusivity pretense & associated squander of public resources should stop. Unity? the opposition (NASA) is already dismembered/dead; now dividing Jubilee. Big4 roll out the only way to go,” said Ruto in a tweet.

Deputy President William Ruto now claims that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is using public resources to prepare for the 2022 General Election.

Speaking on Sunday in Narok County, DP Ruto accused the Raila Odinga-led party of being insincere with the Building Bridge Initiative (BBI), claiming that ODM is using the initiative to further its own agenda.

“It is their right to plan but it is not right for them to use public resources or to pretend that they are in this BBI thing for the unity of the nation,” said Ruto.

The DP reiterated that the BBI consultative forum held in Kisii was a platform for the ODM party to craft its line up ahead of the 2022 elections.

“We will stand firm in ensuring the country is united. Those who want to compete with us politically let them stop using the BBI and plan their political matters like they went to do in Kisii. In Kisii they had gone to plan ODM affairs ahead of the 2022 elections,” said Ruto.

He added: “There is no problem with ODM planning its 2022 lineup but I want them to stop two things: Stop using public resources in forums to plan your 2022 affairs and secondly, stop lying to people that you are discussing unity, tell that to the birds. We clearly know what happened there were political plans of a certain party.”

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