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Finally Raila Odinga Advices President John Magufuli with Momentous Message On Coronavirus.


Kenya’s Opposition leader Raila Odinga has advised Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli to reach out to fellow world leaders as far as Coronavirus is concerned. 

In an interview with South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on Wednesday afternoon, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader said that President Magufuli was yet to get back to him for consultations. 

“I have reached out to him (Magufuli) but is yet to get back to me as far as this pandemic is concerned. But my advice to him is that as a nationalist, Magufuli needs to get information from fellow leaders,” said Mr Odinga. 

According to Mr Odinga, President Magufuli is ill advised and needs to get advice from other leaders in the region. 

“President Magufuli is a very good and close friend of mine. I am confident that he will listen to the good advice given to him by other leaders from the region and beyond,” added Mr. Odinga during the interview conducted by seasoned journalist Sarah Kimani.

Mr Odinga’s remarks come at a time that President Magufuli has slammed China over the quality of some of the ovi-19 testing kits donated to Africa. 

Raila Odinga

Speaking on Sunday during a ceremony to swear-in the newly-appointed Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Dr Mwigulu Nchemba, President Magufuli alleged that some of the testing kits meant to contain the spread of Coronavirus are fake. 

He also revealed that animal, bird and fruit samples secretly sent to the country’s National lab returned positive for the coronavirus – including a bird, a goat, sheep, motor vehicle oil and pawpaw. 

Mr. Odinga who is also the Africa Union (AU) high representative in infrastructure further said that Covid-19 could provide several opportunities for Africa.

“To trade more with itself, to be innovators and manufacturers and to reform its health systems. Africa’s response so far is commendable,” explained Mr Odinga even as he welcomed calls for debt relief, debt rescheduling and debt forgiveness indicating that that will give Africa a chance to direct its resources to the fight against the pandemic.

He also described Covid-19 as a “World War three without bombs and bullets.

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