Ara Gets A Win Over NYS1 Suspects; Suspects Ordered To Forfeit Property.


An Anti-corruption court has ruled in favor of the Assets and Recovery Agency. Justice Mumbai Ngugi has directed the government to take over a house in Kasarani, a parcel of land in Ruiru and four Prados.

In the ruling that was delivered on Thursday the while granting the forfeiture order, is quoted saying, ” It is my finding, therefore, and I so hold that the assets the subject of this matter owned directly or indirectly by the respondents are proceeds of crime.

”The properties in question belong to Sam Mwandime, Susan Mndanyi, John Vandame, Anthony Gethi, Charity Wangui Gethi, John Ndungu, Paul Gachoka, and James Kisingo.

Despite being served with suit papers twice, the eight did not oppose the forfeiture application by ARA.

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