Nyamweya Can’t Be Trusted With Kenyan Football, Says Ex-footballer

Nyamweya Can't Be Trusted With Kenyan Football, Says Ex-footballer 1

Sam Nyamweya should stop lying to Kenyans that he will transform the local football scene if elected as FKF president, yet he did absolutely nothing during his previous tenure at the helm of the federation.

Those are the blunt words of immediate former Kenya Footballers Welfare Association (KEFWA) chairman Innocent Mutiso who during his playing career turned out for several Kenyan Premier League (KPL) clubs including reigning champions Gor Mahia.

Mutiso has accused Nyamweya of having done everything to kill local football during his reign at KFF, citing a case in which he frustrated an initiative put in place by a leading communications company, Safaricom, to promote the youth.

“Nyamweya is not someone to be trusted with the youth aspiring to be footballers after he chased away Sakata Ball tournament, which was to be sponsored by Safaricom, because he demanded a 20% administration fee.”

Safaricom has since repackaged the product and branded it Chapa Dimba after the current leadership allowed it back onto the pitch.

Mutiso says that Nyamweya’s outbursts targeting Mwendwa haven’t come as a surprise, given that he is one person who has a tendency of seeking to score easy points while finding fault with his competitors.

“He has been at loggerheads with every federation since he first lost the chairmanship to Maina Kariuki in early 2000, he thought that everyone else was doing it wrong and he can do it right. When finally, he was given the chance and elected chairman, he didn’t do better than the predecessors he was fighting,” said Mutiso.

Mutiso explained how he recently called a radio station to express his displeasure after listening to the lies Nyamweya was openly telling in public during an interview.

“I decided to call during his interview with Carol Radull to confront him because he was clearly dishonest and lying blatantly to the thousands of football followers.”

He said that contrary to what Nyamweya wanted people to believe, he had never taken sides with anybody during his tenure at KEFWA, adding that it would be misleading for anyone to have the perception that those working at the players’ association were actually employees of the federation.

“First of all, KEFWA is an independent member of the federation and not employees of the federation. Secondly as a delegate according to the FKF electoral code then and now, KEFWA can endorse any candidate for the presidential seat.”

During the radio interview, Nyamweya said that one of the policies in his manifesto was to establish youth structures and nurture young talent, but Mutiso dismisses his statement as a mere public relations exercise, pointing out that when he was chairman there were none in existence.

“Right now we have U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-20 national teams that have all been assigned well known coaches. That shows consistency which is very vital in football; all these were lacking during Nyamweya’s tenure.”
He dismissed Nyamweya’s pledge to work closely with ex-footballers as a pack of lies, saying that he (Nyamweya) had subjected him to endless threats anytime he (Mutiso) attempted to advocate for the rights of the players he represented in his capacity as KEFWA chairman.

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“He threatened the president of the players’ union, banned former internationals Sammy Shollei and Dan Shikanda and even had a spat with ex-captain Denis Oliech.”

Mutiso quoted Oliech as having once told local journalists how Nyamweya’s administration mistreated players during their international assignments in Senegal and Libya.

He absolved Nick Mwendwa from blame with respect to contract disputes that are haunting the federation now, saying that they can all be traced back to Nyamweya’s tenure.

“From Ghost Mulee, the late Henri Michel, Bobby Williamson and Adel Amrouche. Since 2016, there have been no contractual issues in court with coaches which means a lot has changed.”

He went on to accuse Nyamweya of dishonesty and lack of transparency while transacting deals on behalf of the federation, adding that he was behind the divisions witnessed in 2015 that gave rise to parallel premier leagues whose teams were divided in loyalty to bodies running the competitions.

“When asked about the MP and Silva deal that went up in smoke and why there were two premier leagues in 2015, he dodged both question and answered he is the one who gave KPL the MOU to run the league, yet we all know and I told him in the phone call that it needed the intervention of FIFA so that KPL runs the league without interference.”

Mutiso commended Mwendwa’s efforts in improving the situation in the country despite inheriting a moribund office.

“The women’s league is now vibrant and progressive than it was before and consistency in the starlets in all age groups.”

Mutiso said that all the successes currently being enjoyed by both the women and the men national teams were not attributable to Mwendwa and not Nyamweya as he claimed.

“During his time there were strikes left right and centre because of unpaid allowances. Since the new regime came in, there have been no sit ins over unresolved allowances.”

“Most important of all Nyamweya had no Secretariat, right now we have a fully fledged secretariat, anything football can be found at Kandanda house.”

Mutiso has asked Nyamweya to stop diverting attention from the pertinent issues that need to be addressed urgently by accusing those who question him of holding brief for Mwendwa.

“Feeling trapped in a corner he said that I was attacking him everywhere because I’m allied to Nick, yet all my questions and confrontational words are in the public domain. Due to his intimidating ways, then and now, no one has ever dared to question him. The two who did were Sammy Sholei and Dan Shikanda, whom he banned, so everyone used to fear him.”

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