Nurses Salary and Allowances In Kenya Per Month

Nurses are not just caregivers but also educators, advocates, and key players in healthcare delivery. Understanding the different job categories, salary structures, and allowances in this evolving field is crucial for anyone considering this noble career.

This article aims to provide an in-depth exploration of these aspects. We will delve into the various nursing roles, from the hands-on care of Enrolled Nurses to the leadership of Nursing Officers, and examine the financial rewards and challenges they face.

By shining a light on the salaries and allowances across different nursing job groups, this article offers clarity and insight into the nursing profession in Kenya.

Nursing Job Categories in Kenya

Nurses in Kenya are indispensable, providing crucial patient care, education, and collaborative efforts within the healthcare system. They stand as the first point of contact for patients, offering support from admission to treatment and playing a pivotal role in the overall functioning of the healthcare sector​​​.

Categories of Nurses

1. Registered Nurses

These nurses are the primary caregivers in medical facilities, often being the first point of patient interaction. They hold diplomas or degrees in nursing and are responsible for many patient care duties​​​.

2. Enrolled Nurses

Enrolled Nurses support Registered Nurses and provide direct care to patients. They typically operate under supervision and perform tasks like administering medication and assisting with patient care. These nurses have completed diploma programs in nursing​​​.

3. Nursing Officers

Nursing Officers hold managerial and supervisory roles as the senior-most figures in the nursing profession. They oversee nursing care and ensure the quality of healthcare services in their facilities​​​.

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Nursing Salary Structure in Kenya

In Kenya, a nurse’s salary is determined by their job group and role, ensuring alignment with their level of responsibility and academic qualifications. This structured approach reflects the diverse roles within the nursing profession and the varying levels of expertise and experience required for each​​​.

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Salaries for Different Nursing Roles

1. Enrolled Nurses

  • Enrolled Nurse III (Job Group G): Ksh. 23,369 – 29,826
  • Enrolled Nurse II (Job Group H): Ksh. 27,052 – 34,527
  • Enrolled Nurse I (Job Group J): Ksh. 32,061 – 38,893
  • Senior Enrolled Nurse II (Job Group K): Ksh. 40,326 – 54,067
  • Senior Enrolled Nurse I (Job Group L): Ksh. 46,683 – 59,644

Enrolled Nurses’ salaries increase with higher job groups and responsibilities​​​​​​​.

2. Registered Nurses

  • Registered Nurse III (Job Group H): Ksh. 39,450 – 44,730
  • Registered Nurse II (Job Group J): Ksh. 42,850 – 47,630
  • Registered Nurse I (Job Group K): Ksh. 45,425 – 50,125
  • Senior Registered Nurse (Job Group L): Ksh. 50,315 – 54,100
  • Chief Registered Nurse (Job Group M): Ksh. 54,217 – 58,430
  • Principal Registered Nurse (Job Group N): Ksh. 58,415 – 63,415
  • Senior Principal Registered Nurse (Job Group P): Ksh. 85,110 – 119,730

Registered Nurses’ salaries are influenced by their qualifications, experience, and job group​​​​​​​.

3. Nursing Officers

  • Nursing Officer (Intern) (Job Group J): Ksh. 46,580 – 65,430
  • Senior Nursing Officer (Job Group L): Ksh. 50,640 – 69,790
  • Chief Nursing Officer (Job Group M): Ksh. 54,067 – 76,580
  • Principal Nursing Officer (Job Group N): Ksh. 62,247 – 84,877
  • Assistant Director, Nursing Services (Job Group P): Ksh. 96,909 – 129,868
  • Senior Assistant Director, Nursing Services (Job Group Q): Ksh. 112,185 – 129,868
  • Deputy Director, Nursing Services (Job Group R): Ksh. 129,050 – 136,825
  • Director, Nursing Services (Job Group S): Ksh. 136,915 – 144,220

Nursing Officers’ salaries reflect their seniority and the critical responsibilities they hold in healthcare management​​​​​​​.

4. Specialized Nursing Salaries

  • Staff Nurse: Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 50,000
  • Registered Nurse: Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 70,000
  • Diploma Nurse: Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 40,000
  • Military Nurse: Ksh 75,000 to Ksh 85,000
  • Accident and Emergency (A&E) Nurse: Around Ksh 70,000
  • Nurse Anaesthetist: Ksh 95,000 and above
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse: Starting from Ksh 120,000

These specialized roles command different salary ranges, reflecting the unique skills and expertise required in each area​​​.

The salary structure of nurses in Kenya is a complex matrix that considers the level of education, experience, job category, and area of specialization. This structure ensures that nurses are compensated fairly for their critical contributions to healthcare.

Allowances and Benefits for Nurses in Kenya

In addition to their salaries, nurses in Kenya receive various allowances that enhance their overall compensation. These allowances are designed to acknowledge the unique challenges and demands of the nursing profession​​​​​​​.

Breakdown of Allowances

  • House Allowance: Varies from Ksh. 3,500 to Ksh. 15,000, depending on the job group.
  • Extraneous Allowance: Ranges between Ksh. 15,000 and Ksh. 35,000, based on the job group.
  • Health Risk Allowance: Generally falls between Ksh. 3,850 and Ksh. 5,000.
  • Uniform Allowance: Amounts to Ksh. 10,000 annually.
  • Commuter Allowance: Varies from Ksh. 4,000 to Ksh. 14,000.

Each job group has its specific set of allowances, reflecting the level of responsibility and the nature of the nursing role within that group​​​​​​​.

These allowances are crucial in supporting the financial well-being of nurses in Kenya. They are designed to compensate for the unique demands of nursing, including the health risks associated with the profession, the need for a professional appearance (uniform), and the commuting cost.

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