Number Of Police Officers Per Tribe In National Police Service

The Kenya National Police Service is the official organization in charge of policing Kenya. It answers to the National Police Service’s Inspector General of Police, who has independent leadership over the Agency. Kenya Police is divided into four divisions: Training Institutions, Nairobi Service Headquarters, General Duty Commands, and Formations.

However, the Church criticized the administration for what it called the severe tribalism that has been visible in the majority of government agencies over the last several years. Based on the accounts we have from the scene, there are a lot of individuals working in government offices in some villages, while there are none at all in others.

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Six major communities have more police officers assigned to the National Police Service (NPS) than any other; Kikuyus has the largest number (18004), or 16.8% of the entire workforce. The communities of Kamba 9,808, Luhya, 9,752, Meru, 7,121, Kisii, 6,517, and Kipsigis, 6,004 officers.

The Office of the Inspector General previously revealed the allocation of Kenyan tribes by the National Police Service. Using Kalenjin’s number as 19, 337 out of 106,830 police officers, the office sent the report to the Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity of the National Assembly.

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The National Police Service has engaged people from the Kalenjin communities of Sabaot (1,440), Keiyo (1,840), Marakwet (1,620), Nandi (5,507), Tugen (2,926), and Kipsigis (6,004). Kikuyus, with 18,004 members, are the second most numerous group among working-age individuals, behind Kamba (9,809), Kisii (6,517), Luhya (9,752), Luo (8,773), and Meru (7,121).

Currently, there are 89,373 males and 17,457 women serving in the Service, totaling 106,830 members. Men comprise 84% of the population, while women make up only 16%, according to the survey.

The NPS is composed of the Kenya Police Service, the Administration Police Service, and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. The Kenya Police Service employs 74,251 Kenyans, followed by the Administration Police Service with 26,409 and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations with 6,170.

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