DPP Noordin Haji orders the Arrest of Governor Obado, his two sons, and two daughters.

Arrest of Governor Obado

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has ordered the arrest of Migori Governor Obado and four of his children, including two sons and two daughters, over alleged theft of Ksh73.5 million belonging to the taxpayer.

Haji says anti-graft agency, EACC, investigated claims of misappropriation of public funds by the governor, his children, friends, and an employee of the county government, and that the probe, which ended on July 1, 2020, has revealed that the suspects have a case to answer.

“Upon conclusion of the investigations, the EACC forwarded the inquiry file on July 1, 2020. Due to the complexity of the matter, I appointed a team of prosecutors to be part of an interagency team to review and analyze the evidence therein,” said the DPP in a press statement Tuesday.

Haji says the team assembled to investigate claims of graft against Obado and his cronies established that Ksh73, 474, 376.90 was indirectly received by the governor through his children, who received multiple payments from companies trading with the Migori County Government between the financial years 2013/2014 and 2016/2017.

The county boss’ children implicated in the crime are: Dan Achola Okoth (son), Jerry Zachary Okoth (son), Susan Scarlet Okoth (daughter) and Evelyn Adhiambo Okoth (daughter).

Haji says the investigations revealed that the monies plundered were used by Obado’s family to purchase a prime property at Loresho Ridge in Nairobi and acquire two high-end off-road vehicles.

Arrest of Governor Obado children

“An audit trail of the money led to persons closely related to Zachary Okoth Obado, who were his proxies,” says the prosecutions boss.

“Governor Obado indirectly and in the conflict of interest, received a benefit totaling to Ksh73, 474, 376.90 from companies and businesses that traded with Migori County Government,” added Haji.

The companies under the DPP’s radar have been identified as Misoft Company Limited, Tarchdog Printers, Deltrack ICT Services, Seletrack Consultants, Mactebac Contractors, Joyush Business, Swyfcon Engineering, Atinus Services, Kajulu Business, Victorious Investment, Dolphus Softwares, Dankey Press and Pesulus Services.

“Investigations further revealed that the directors or proprietors of the companies, were proxies of the governor, including three of whom were brothers namely: Jared Peter Kwaga, Patroba Ochanda and Joram Opala; and their mother Penina Auma Otago, and the spouse to Jared Peter Kwaga, Christine Akinyi and his sister-in-law Carolyne Onyango,” said the prosecutions chief.

The stolen Ksh73.5 million was allegedly wired to the accounts of Governor Obado’s three children namely Dan Achola Okoth, Susan Scarlet Okoth and Jerry Zachary Okoth.

Arrest of Governor Obado

“The money was used to pay their school fees, upkeep, maintenance and medical bills in Australia, Scotland and United Kingdom. Some of the said-monies were also traced to have bought two motor vehicles of make Toyota Land Cruiser V8,” claimed Haji.

“The audit trail further disclosed that Ksh35, 525, 000 was used to purchase a house in Loresho Ridge, whose beneficial owner is Evelyn Adhiambo Okoth, the governor’s daughter.”

Noordin Haji said — following the outcome of the investigations — he was “satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to charge Obado, his four children and the directors of the adversely-mentioned companies”.

“I, therefore, direct that the mentioned suspects be apprehended and arraigned in court to face charges against them,” said Haji.

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