Next On Ringo: Julia Arrives At The Gym To Pay Her Rent And Also Tells Oso That She To Learn Boxing.

Next On Ringo Alejo, Turco

Next On Ringo: Alejo tells Brenda that she needs to face the consequences of her actions, he hands her some sandwiches, but she freaks out and throws them at him as he walks away.

Guachin runs into the cafeteria and is very happy to see Rosa. When Guachin mentions what Carrizo did and what he is saying, Rosa looks confused since she thought Carrizo was a good guy.

After Guachin explains that that is why Oso was so upset and that she shouldn’t be so trusting of Carrizo, she remembers her fight with Oso.

Alejo calls Manuel to ask for his help by calling Mirta to see how she can intervene and get Brenda out of jail. Rosa storms into Oso’s office and tells him that she remembers why she was angry with him.

After she chides him for not trusting her, she adds that she also remembers Susana and Veronica. She then tells them quite adamantly that they should both go their own ways.

Guachin goes to talk to Susana who explains Guevara’s condition. Guachin is dismayed that Guevara can’t have his surgery because he can’t afford it so he asks how much it costs.

After Susana tells him about the hospital costs, Guachin volunteers to pay for the hospital costs and asks Susana not to tell Guevara since he is such a proud man.

He suggests Susana make up something to explain about the hospital’s bill being paid. Julia arrives at the gym to pay her rent and also tells Oso that she wants to join the club to learn boxing, but not to compete; she just needs the exercise and punches something since she is so stressed.

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When he agrees to train her, Julia smiles and is ready…clothes and all! Manuel and Alejo meet with Mirta and ask for help in getting Brenda out of jail. Mirta agrees to see what she can do.

Carrizo, with Celia in arms, sees Rosa going into her apartment and asks what she is doing there. After Rosa tells him that she lives, there, Carrizo tries to continue his lies, but Rosa retorts that they do not have a child together.

When Carrizo suggests that they be novios since they get along so well and Celia loves her, Rosa tells him not to be making up things that are not true.

After Carrizo apologizes, Rosa suddenly smiles and asks what they are doing there; so, Carrizo tells her that they are on their way to the park. He invites her along and Rosa gladly agrees.

Oso has started training Julia who is punching the bang when he suddenly tells her that he has no time to train. He calls Ringo who is about to enter the gym and tells him he has a new student for him.

After Ringo arrives, Oso introduces him to his new student…Julia Mirta explains to Manuel and Alejo that the public ministry is willing to consider dropping the charges if there is a medical report indicating that Brenda suffers from psychological problems.

Alejo calls Brenda but can’t reach her; so, he calls, Leticia, Brenda’s psychiatrist who will call him when she is available. Julia frowns as she tells Oso that she didn’t think Ringo was going to be her trainer.

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After Oso leaves, Ringo warns Julia that it isn’t easy being a boxer and he is a very strict trainer. They continue on with some exercises as Ringo maintains a very cold and professional tone.

Carrizo tells Rosa that she wishes she were Celia’s mother; it would have been nice if they had met previously…as Damasio observes from behind a tree.

Brenda asks the guard how long she will be there. After the guards reply that she will be there until the judge orders otherwise, Brenda asks to go to the restroom. As the guard physically leads her out, Brenda ants her to release her, but the guard refuses.

Brenda insists and grabs the guard telling her that she is leaving! Two other guards approach and restrain Brenda as the guard tells her that this will be another charge against her!

A policeman goes in to tell Mirta that Brenda assaulted a guard. Manuel and Alejo are in disbelief and can only shake their heads as Mirta goes back to the public minister to see what can be done.

Out in the park, Julia is jogging and breathing heavily. As she stumbles, Ringo catches her and apologizes for pushing her too hard. When they sit down so that Julia can catch her breath, Ringo asks if she really wants to be a boxer.

Julia admits that she only wanted to be close to him and couldn’t find another way. She knows he told her that they should go their separate ways, but she can’t accept that.

She committed a serious mistake in not trusting him and she’ll regrets it for the rest of her life, but she can’t lose him. Ringo reminds her their relationship ended when she didn’t believe him and she sided with Diego.

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Ever since he met her, all he did was take care of her and she only doubted him and pushed him aside. When she asks what she can do to get him to forgive her, she adds that she loves him and asks him to forgive her.

Ringo remains silent so she asks if he no longer loves her. Ringo replies that he is afraid that she will hurt him again. After Julia promises never to doubt him again and adds that he is the love of her life, Ringo still remains quiet, so Julia tells him that she understands that she lost her opportunity and starts to walk away.

Ringo calls to her; and when she turns, she sees the love flowing from his eyes so she rushes back to embrace and kiss him passionately. 😍😍Damasio goes in to tell Oso that he saw Rosa with Carrizo and his daughter at the park.

They looked like a happy family! When Oso doesn’t react, Damasio wonders if he isn’t going to do anything, so Oso tells him that he lost is the opportunity with Rosa. If she is with Carrizo, it is his own fault.

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