Next On Ringo: Julia Divorce Is Final! She Calls Ringo With The News.

Julia Divorce Is Final

Eva calls Julia with wonderful news. Her divorce is final! Thank you she says as she smiles widely. She calls Ringo with the news – I’m free she exclaims! She is happy they won’t have to hide anymore.

Ringo wonders how long it will take for them to get married. They talk about a romantic proposal. Brenda emerges from her cave to ruin Julia’s day, taunting her about losing the company presidency.

Julia retorts she didn’t want control, that was their father’s idea! Bratty Brenda cares not. Oso is knocking on Rosa’s empty apartment door. You are too late the landlady advises. Turco tells his guru that he feels that his place is with his wife. Guru wishes him well.

Carrizo shows up at Rosa’s empty abode with his friend, Dr. Zavala. Alas, there is no answer and the landlady again advises Rosa is gone. The doctor won’t be deterred – he is even willing to go to the Delta Boxing Club!

Julia Divorce Is Final

Carrizo calls a tearful Rosa who thanks him for everything but says there is nothing that can be done. At the same time, Oso arrives at the bus stop but is too late. Rosa waves farewell as he talks to the wind.

Julia finds the hidden recorder under Ivan’s desk. Ringo meets with his promoter who tells him that his fight is set. He would also like to go watch Ringo train.

Julia asks the Garay attorney for the company constitution. She tells him that she doesn’t want anyone to know that she is requesting it. Out in the hall, Diego slithers up, wondering what she is doing. Julia tells him that she was just walking around…since this is her company. Diego asks her that they do things right.

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Julia bluntly tells him that she will have nothing to do with him anymore. After she leaves, Diego tells Bruno to ask the attorney what Julia wanted. Bruno goes in, but the attorney makes up an excuse for Julia…she was only asking about quotes for he’d housekeeper since she is interested in purchasing a home. Does Bruno believe him?

He does but runs right to rat Diego who is suspicious and tells Bruno to follow her. Ringo is at a jewelry store looking at some sweet sparklers. As Bruno spies from outside, Julia goes to give Manuel the document she obtained. Manuel quickly shows her the percentages that each shareholder has. With his 30%, she will regain control.

Afterward, she shows him the recorder she found. When Manuel confirms that it’s a recorder, Julia knows it had to be Diego. Bruno reports back. Marlen tells Carrizo that she wants them to try again.

When she asks him to leave with them, Carrizo agrees since there is nothing there for him. He looks completely miserable. Guevara and Oso are talking about the use of his other senses when Ringo arrives and tells them about the fight Sitges scheduled for him.

He then shows them the engagement ring. Julia reads a note that Ringo left for her…an invitation to a moonlit dinner where he will ask her to marry him. Ringo sees Santi and wants to spend time with him, but when Ringo admits that he has not left Julia, Santi wants nothing to do with him. Teresa then tries to get Santi to go with her.

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Julia Divorce Is Final

He refuses until she tells him that she cooked one of his favorite dishes. Luchis and Guachin are looking at apartments. When Guachin asks for a cheaper price, Luchis chides him. She then tries to get Guachin to change his look, but Guachin likes the way he looks.

When Luchis asks if he will buy her the apartment, Guachin says, “NO!” Outside they argue since Guachin had told her he was going to get her whatever she wanted. But, Guachin refuses to waste his money on something he does not need.

They already have a room to live in and that is where they will live. Luchis then warns him that if he doesn’t buy her the apartment, he will have to suffer the consequences.

Ringo and Julia meet and talks about Julia getting the document and finding the camera. They then talk about Santi’s refusal to be with Ringo, so Julia asks to talk with Santi and Ringo agrees

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