New TSC Teachers’ Salary scales

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is the government agency responsible for the recruitment, management, and payment of teachers in Kenya. In 2021, the TSC signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET). The CBA provides for a salary increment for teachers over a period of four years.

The new salary scales for teachers were implemented in phases, with the first phase taking effect in July 2022. The second phase was implemented in January 2023, and the third phase is scheduled to be implemented in July 2023.

The new salary scales have resulted in significant increases for teachers, with the lowest-paid teacher now earning a basic salary of Ksh. 22,793 per month. The highest-paid teacher, a Chief Principal, now earns a basic salary of Ksh. 157,656 per month.

In addition to the basic salary, teachers also receive a number of allowances, such as house allowance, transport allowance, and hardship allowance. The amount of these allowances varies depending on the teacher’s grade and location.

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The new salary scales have been welcomed by teachers, who have long been campaigning for a pay rise. The CBA has also been praised by the government, which has said that it is committed to improving the welfare of teachers.

New Salary Scales for Teachers in Kenya:

Job GroupMinimum SalaryMaximum Salary
B5 (Entry Level)Ksh. 22,793Ksh. 28,191
C1Ksh. 28,491Ksh. 35,614
C2Ksh. 34,189Ksh. 41,982
C3Ksh. 39,887Ksh. 48,444
C4Ksh. 45,585Ksh. 54,770
D1Ksh. 51,283Ksh. 61,959
D2Ksh. 56,981Ksh. 68,900
D3Ksh. 62,679Ksh. 76,694
D4Ksh. 68,377Ksh. 85,340
D5 (Chief Principal)Ksh. 157,656Ksh. 200,928
Here is a table showing the new salary scales for teachers in Kenya

The new salary scales are a significant improvement over the previous salary scales. They will help to attract and retain qualified teachers, and they will also help to improve the quality of education in Kenya.

In addition to the salary increments, the CBA also provides for a number of other benefits for teachers, such as:

  • Increased maternity leave
  • Improved medical cover
  • More opportunities for professional development

The CBA is a major step forward for teachers in Kenya. It is a sign of the government’s commitment to improving the welfare of teachers and to providing quality education for all Kenyan children.

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