Netizens Demand Citizen TV 24hrs to Apologize to Governor Mike Sonko.


Netizens have demanded an apology from Television Channel Citizen TV for a tagline which referred to Nairobi County Governor as “kanahojiwa”.

The tag that read “Sonko kanahojiwa kuhusu matumizi ya fedha” was aired on Citizen TV during the news feed on Governor Sonko at the Senate Hearing earlier today. The Governor was appearing before Senate’s Committee on County Public Accounts And Investment.

Many Kenyans have taken to twitter to complain about the poor scripted tagline that appeared on their screens on the news about the Governor. Many have called out the station for allegedly demeaning the Governor and making him inferior.

Netizens complained that the tag which was put in Swahili and the tense used in the tag created the implication of Sonko being less than, “Kanahojiwa” meant that the Nairobi County Governor was undersized in the story. Some of the comments by Kenyans on Twitter are below.

@citizentvkenya this is demeaning, belittling and utter disrespectful no matter what, Sonko should sue you guys 4 slander n outright ridicule. U apologized 7days straight 2 Magufuli this one shouldn’t go unchecked, ” posted Jim Munene.

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