Nelson Marwa “Prepare for Ksh 4000 Free Monthly Income from the Gov’t if You Belong to This Group of Kenyans.”

Nelson Marwa
Nelson Marwa

Coronavirus pandemic has had adverse financial effects on many Kenyans especially those with low-income earnings whose source of livelihoods was disrupted.

From lockdowns to curfews to the closure of businesses, many Kenyans have been going hungry for lacking a source of income. Despite several of the covid-19 containment measures being eased, some families are yet to get back to their feet and need support to meet their daily basic needs.

It is in this regard that the government in partnership with foreign donors has moved to cushion 24,000 vulnerable families in Kenya by providing them with a Ksh 4000 monthly stipend. This will be carried out through cash transfers on mobile platforms like M-Pesa.

Social Protection Principal Secretary Nelson Marwa has come out to confirm that the beneficiaries will receive Ksh 4,000 monthly to cover food and nutritional needs for a family of four.

According to People Daily newspaper, this Program is a joint venture between the National and County governments and the United Nation’s World Food Program (WFP).

The program is set to be implemented in the informal urban settlements. Therefore, all vulnerable families living in the informal settlements of Mombasa city will be the first beneficiaries with the government set to start sending them ksh 4000 every month.

 “Ministry of Labour acknowledges devastating effects of Covid-19 pandemic, especially on the urban poor and the diverse impact it has had including loss of livelihoods and incomes, thus worsening already dire situations,” said PS Nelson Marwa in a statement as reported by People Daily.

Nelson Marwa further noted that the program is targeting informal settlements in both Mombasa city and Nairobi city. The program is poised to run for several months as the government and World Food Program look at other long-term solutions to problems facing vulnerable families in informal urban settlements.

 “The government applauds this intervention from WFP to provide immediate relief to the vulnerable urban populations in Nairobi and Mombasa through direct cash transfers.

The Ministry in collaboration with WFP remains committed to providing comprehensive mid-term and long-term social protection measures for support, recovery, and resilience,” added PS Nelson Marwa.

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