“We Will Not Tread The Tribal Lane,” Ndindi Nyoro Tells President Uhuru

Ndindi Nyoro

Kiharu Member Of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro has bitterly responded to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s remarks. President Uhuru Kenyatta’s statement during ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi’s mother’s burial has angered several allied to the Deputy President William Ruto.

In his own words, the President seemingly directed his words to William Ruto and his Camp when he said that Kenya cannot be led by only two tribes.

However, his statement has rubbed several Tangatanga members the wrong way and most of them rushed to their social media handles to roast him. Kiharu Legislator Ndindi Nyoro has blasted President Uhuru Kenyatta by asking whether he was not aware he was succeeding a Kikuyu.

We Will Not Tread The Tribal Lane – Mp Ndindi Nyoro

So, because H.E Jomo Kenyatta and President Uhuru Kenyatta have been President no Kikuyu should ever think of being President? So because Daniel Moi has been President no Kelenjin should be President in the near future?

So in 2012/13 President Uhuru didn’t know he was succeeding a fellow Kikuyu? And out of his benevolence, why couldn’t he leave the position for “another tribe” in 2017! Let me put it on record, Mwai Kibaki was Kikuyu but his presidency benefited all Kenyans.

Uhuru Kenyatta is President and all Kenyans owe more to China and others. Uhuru Kenyatta is Kikuyu and Kikuyu merchandise was burnt on his watch as President. Uhuru Kenyatta is Kikuyu yes, but Kikuyu Businesses have collapsed during his Presidency.

The wealth Kenyans, including Kikuyus made during KIBAKI’S era, has been and continue to be auctioned when HIM, a Kikuyu is President. What am I trying to say? Kenyans are very disappointed with the utterances of the President today to the effect that, two tribes have led and it’s time for another tribe.

Ndindi Nyoro
Ndindi Nyoro

We want a President who will give us hope, a President who understands the problems of the common Kenyan, a President who understands that the economy is on it’s knees. We want a President who will bring back money to the pockets of Kenyans. We are not electing a tribe but a Kenyan.

And if we have to walk the talk, why not leave the remaining one and a half years to “another tribe”.I can write till morning but let me say this. I represent the People of Kiharu, most of whom are Hustlers with big dreams. The dreams of the children of Hustlers i represent must never be curtailed just because a few from their tribe achieved those dreams before them.

And lastly, if the said theory of “it’s our time to eat” is true, let it be known that Kikuyus have not “eaten” during the current administration.

And let it be known to all that if that is true, then there is another Kikuyu tribe that has “eaten” or benefited, and that must be the people around the Leadership of the current administration who have stolen outrightly and through policies that favour their individual businesses.

Those who work do it for all Kenyans, those who “benefit” unduly from their positions do it for themselves, not for their tribes. We are tired and refuse to be drawn to the tribal abyss again! – Ndindi Nyoro Writes on facebook

We are African and Africa is our Business..

Since independence Kenya has had leaders from only two tribes, that is Kikuyu and the Kalenjins. However, Ruto’s allies have defended him from President Uhuru’s unwarranted attacks and have vowed to stick with the hustler till the end. Ruto’s close allies have maintained their support for Ruto will not be wavered.

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