Natasha Hand Of Compassion evening visit in City Slums

Natasha Hand Of Compassion evening visit in City Slums 1

It was an evening spent by Rev Lucy Natasha in one of the city slum in Nairobi . The woman won the hearts of many families after donating 3 months foodpacks , sanitizers and facemasks.

Hand Of Compassion
Hand Of Compassion

The kind heart melted in the souls of many after making time and attending the families on a door to door basis . Rev Natasha was accompanied by her charitable organization Natasha hand of Compassion who helped in delivery.

There have been more a dozen vulnerable and forsaken families struggling and suffering to sort their basic life after the world was hit by Coronavirus which WHO termed as a dangerous pandemic.

Natasha Hand Of Compassion evening visit in City Slums 2

The resulting aftermaths have pulled the attention of well-wishers, good Samaritans, and kind-hearted souls to share with the victims.

Hand Of Compassion

Rev Lucy Natasha’s mission to reach out to the less fortunate has received a big boost from partners around the globe who have stood to support the charitable organization with finances.

According to a close reliable source in the Natasha ministry, she revealed to Nairobi Mini Bloggers that they are targeting to feed over 30k poor families amid coronavirus’ crisis. She confirmed that the team has already hit their earlier target of 10k putting them on the side of aiming a larger number.

Hand Of Compassion

Apparently, a timely move following the harsh times resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenyans online media users have joined to applaud her for donating the products especially in these difficult moments.

Hand Of Compassion

On Saturday, Rev Natasha on her Facebook post said she was determined and focused on being part of the government’s effort to curb the spread of coronavirus. She further said that she would play a role in ensuring less fortunate Kenyans had all they required.

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