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Nakuru Gov Lee Kinyanjui “Am not apologizing for what happened to My Senator, They Deserve”.

The recent outburst by a section of leaders from Nakuru County is regrettable and unfortunate.

While leaders deserve to be accorded respect. A similar measure of responsibility must be demonstrated both among themselves and fellow citizens.

The democratic space we enjoy allows us to differ without necessarily being confrontational or personal. It only calls for creativity and tolerance, which is now threatened with extinction.

The President is the symbol of unity for the nation and respect to that office is not negotiable. Despite unusual political persuasiveness, the symbol of nationhood must be upheld.

It is very disheartening to note that the eloquence and energy in political rhetoric. It is simply illustrated when debating important topics for the nation.

~Gov Lee Kinyanjui

If all these energies wasted on unnecessary altercation strived at youth unemployment, food security. And other challenges facing society, we would move much closer to our aspirations as a nation.

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