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What Naivasha Billionaire Instructed To Be Done Inside his Liquor Factory Once he Dies.

Naivasha Billionaire; Fai Omar Amario
Youths carry the casket with the body of businessman Fai Amario during his burial in Naivasha May 29,2010. Amario who lived a flamboyant lifestyle passed away on Tuesday at the Aga Khan hospital after liver complications.PHOTO/HEZRON NJOROGE

Naivasha Billionaire; Fai Omar Amario rose through the heights of success, placing his name at a hitherto untouched height in the competitive business and entrepreneurship world.

A 2010 report by Daily Nation indicated that Amario was born Peter Gilbert Njoroge Ng’ang’a in 1954, Amario was the only child to a family living in abject poverty in Banana Kiambu.

He, the Naivasha Billionaire, however, died as the founder of a multi-million empire which boasted of a legacy that continues to live on nearly a decade since his death in 2010.

Before he succumbed to Liver failure on the month of May 2010, Amario had crafted a will that amongst other things embodied a list of instructions that were to be followed during his burrial once he closed the gates of life.

Naivasha Billionaire; Fai Omar Amario

Amario opted for a secular song and no photos were to be taken during his funeral. He chose the eminent song entitled “My way” made famous by celebrated American Crooner Frank Sinatra to be played during the burrial ceremony.

They will also embody the place he had requested to be buried. The mammoths of mourners who had attended the burial ceremony listened to the song,

“My way” was played via loudspeakers as his body was lowered to the ground inside his liquor factory, famous for brewing Amario’s Sherry whose slogan was ‘Drink Amario’s Sherry and know why birds fly.

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