Nairobi Race Takes a NEW TWIST with Kabogo New Sentiments and TangaTanga BOLD MOVES.

Nairobi Race

Nairobi Race; The race to City Hall is proving not to be an easy task. Various political big wigs have shown interest to vie and support their preferred candidature.

The move by ODM failing to front a candidate in order to support the jubilee candidate make sure it clear the once Daily Nation headline, “United Against Ruto”.

Ruto and his affiliate leaders have together agreed to front Phillip Kisia and Caroline Ndung’u for Nairobi race. The duo is together named as the dream team with a vision to steer Nairobi to its position as the county with the highest revenue generation and also the highest population.

Nairobi Race
Nairobi race; Phillip Kisia

Ruto and his team have a moment to showcase their political muscles and it is without a doubt that those competing against the dream team will have sweat a little.

This will be in line with the former governor joining hands with Ruto to campaign for the team.

Caroline Ndung'u
Nairobi race: Caroline Ndung’u

Kabogo who has been out of government for some time now has predicted that any person competing with the Kisia team has to show seriousness as Ruto and his team are there to win and showcase their potential and declare the position of hustlers come general elections of 2022.

The jubilee team is yet to settle on a one preferred candidate with nominations scheduled to be soon.

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