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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Response To A Statement By Two Nairobi MCAs.


My attention has been drawn to a statement issued earlier today by two Nairobi MCAs, who also doubles up as the Majority and Minority Leaders in the Assembly.

Sometimes I get very concerned by the levels of ignorance displayed by some individuals, especially when they occupy positions of leadership. However, that notwithstanding, I wish to state as follows:

  1. The Nairobi City County Government is fully functional and properly constituted as a County under the Constitution of Kenya, the recent transfer of some functions notwithstanding.
  2. As a government, we remain committed by law to our contractual obligations from the past, present and the future. Suppliers, contractors, service providers and even employees are no exception. As a reminder, we remain obligated to contracts entered into and debts accrued by the defunct Nairobi City Council to-date, some dating back to more than twenty (20) years.
  3. Finance and Economic Planning is NOT one of the functions that were transferred to the National Government. As such, all past, present and future obligations remain the responsibility of the Nairobi City County Government until it shall be established otherwise by law.
  4. The two aforementioned MCAs are emerging as a part and parcel of the cartels that frustrated the reorganisation of the Finance and Economic Planning Department since December 2019, until only last Friday, March 20th when the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) effected the new changes upon the advisory of the Office of the Attorney General through the Solicitor General.
  5. Through that period of confusion spanning four (4) months, these two MCAs are among the people who benefited from illicit and criminal payments made by officers who had long ceased to work for the Nairobi City County Government. The matter is currently under investigation by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Banking Fraud Investigations Unit (BFI).
  6. It is unfortunate that these two MCAs have chosen to become the voice of the cartels who either got paid illegally, or who had their fake claims lined up for payment. What we are witnessing today are cries of a bitter and cornered lot who collected money from suppliers and contractors with promises of facilitating their payments, and now they are stranded since the changes of signatory mandates at the CBK.
  7. As it is evidenced in the charge sheet attached below, one of the two MCAs and the current Minority Leader, Hon. David Mberia of Langata/Karen Ward, was among three others who were charged last year (2019) by the EACC for soliciting a bribe of ONE MILLION SHILLINGS.
  8. Before then, on 8th October 2018, four individuals were charged by the DCI for stealing over 4.5 MILLION SHILLINGS meant for bursaries that were diverted through a fictitious school called Kobudho Educational Centre. The nonexistent school was registered by Francis Ouma who is the Personal Assistant to MCA David Mberia, Queenstar Ouma who is the wife of Francis Ouma, Job Omondi who is also the ODM Chairman Karen Branch and his wife Nancy Nasimiyu. Through a complex web unearthed by the DCI, the four proxies of MCA Mberia received cheques in the name of needy children, and withdrew the cash from various Cooperative and Equity Bank Branches including Kahawa House, Ongata Rongai, JKIA, and Karen. Attached below are copies of Bank Statements as proof of the blatant theft.
  9. As it emerged in a leaked conversation of another MCA who is involved in the embezzlement of bursary funds meant for poor and orphaned children, the culture of MCAs stealing from contractors, suppliers, service providers and the public in general was rampant under the previous administration where they even used to collect money from the cash office, something that I brought to an end when I assumed office, hence the bitterness we have continued to witness from a section of them, especially those serving their second terms like Hon. Charles Thuo (Majority Leader) and Hon. David Mberia (Minority Leader), who miss the days they would plunder public coffers with wanton abandon.
  10. In fact, it is these cartels that the President mentioned in his address on Wednesday, March 18th 2020 during the hand-over ceremony at Statehouse, the people who have been working backwards to sink Nairobi deeper into a crisis as long as they line their pockets.
  11. It is absolutely laughable when these two MCAs, who double up as the House Leadership, allege that the Assembly shall continue with their oversight role. My question to them is, WHERE were they when the immediate former County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Finance, one Pauline Kahiga, continued to pay her own mother, Nancy Wanjiku Kahiga, despite that having been flagged by the Auditor General as conflict of interest? Where were they when the said CECM continued to make double payments illegally, despite having been relived of her duties? Why didn’t they call a special sitting to discuss these glaring illegalities, yet they had all the time before COVID-19 was reported in Kenya?
  12. As they correctly captured in their statement, the era of corruption in Nairobi has come to an end, and they, alongside their benefactors, must be prepared to carry their crosses, as and when the law catches up with them.
  13. H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta has been categorical that the National and County governments must fast-track the settlement of pending bills. Nairobi is no exception, and despite the delays occasioned by the confusion created between December 2019 and March 20th, 2020, we are back on course, with all payments being done procedurally with the requisite approvals from the Controller of Budget. It important to note that I inherited Pending Bills in excess of 64 BILLION SHILLINGS, and upon verification reduced the figure to 23 BILLION SHILLINGS. Currently, our Pending Bills stand at less than 6 BILLION SHILLINGS, down from the 11 billion shillings that the Auditor General had authenticated.
  14. I wish to urge the two MCAs to desist from invoking names just for purpose of sounding juicy and attractive, including that of the new Director General of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services Office. As it stands, the transition is going on smoothly and we have a cordial working relationship with Major General Mohamed Abdalla Abdi. We therefore do not require the disruption of idlers who are struggling to resuscitate their near-dead political careers, since their cheap blackmail has no place in the new Nairobi.
  15. As for our contractors, suppliers and service providers, rest assured that my administration remains committed to settling all legitimate and authenticated pending bills, in line with the President’s directive. These sideshows by rent-seekers will not distract us.


H.E. Mike Mbuvi Sonko, EGH

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