How Nairobi Boda Boda Riders Have Become Resourceful to Vulnerable Patients.

Boda Boda Riders

In most cases, Boda riders are known for crime. But this time the story is quite different for Nairobi Boda riders. Covid-19 pandemic has turned the hearts of many bodaboda riders to be sympathetic and hence quite resourceful to the society at large.

Some of the patients whom the riders carry have underlying conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and the likes. such situations would propel the spikes of COVID-19 if these people get infected.

To prevent such infection, the Boda riders are doing door to door delivery of medicines to these people. To prevent the riders ferry the disease, their health evaluation has to be done properly.

statistics have shown that over 16000 patients who are living with chronic conditions have benefited from the services offered by the riders of having medication at their doorsteps. Thanks to the riders for this great effort.

On a normal occasion, the riders always took the patients to hospitals to seek medical attention. This means that the riders have extensive knowledge of how the community works.

A patient incorporates then use of technology by installing a dispatch app which is helpful in tracking the rider as well as making drug requisition.

Great effort by the riders is saving a lot on the patient’s pockets especially at this tough economic times we are living in.

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