How My Own Mysterious Disease Was Cured

How My Own Mysterious Disease Was Cured

The surgery had been performed on rats and dogs, but never on humans. I reasoned it could be scaled up. Two years ago, on the first day of my final year studying biology at the University of Nairobi, I collapsed.

My heart was racing; I was dizzy, disoriented, and weak. I was 21 and had been feeling
unwell over the summer; doctors thought it might be glandular fever, but this was much worse.

When I didn’t improve, I was sure I had succumbed to the same mysterious disease, chronic illness that had crippled my mother since I was a child. We were both in tears when I rang to say I was dropping out and coming home to Namanga.

Bed-bound 22 hours a day, we supported each other, while friends helped with shopping, I had spent my life watching specialists fail to diagnose my mother, and now the same was happening to me: no condition they could think of explained our symptoms.

Months, then years, slipped away as friends moved on with their lives, leaving me isolated and heartbroken. I realized that if I wanted a diagnosis, I’d have to find it myself.

After much reading, I theorized I must have a form of dysautonomia: a disorder of the autonomic nervous system, which controls essential bodily functions like blood pressure, heartbeat, and metabolism.

There were only a few specialists in Kenya. So I scoured medical resources. I remembered one doctor saying my symptoms changed too rapidly for it to be thyroid disorder; but when I read adrenaline disorders, I thought my adrenal glands, located above the kidneys might be malfunctioning.

I knew I needed to meet automatic specialists, so in January 2020 I submitted a paper to the Kenya medical and dentist union in Kisumu and I was invited to present it In a wheelchair, I gave my talk about my condition and proposed treatment.

Afterward, I was approached by a white-haired man Dr. Wanjala, Who said he thought I was on something. We kept in touch, in the time becoming a team, honing my diagnosis by phone and e-mail; we framed my condition as primary hyprepinephrinemia a
condition in which too much adrenaline from the adrenal glands.

First, we tried a risky treatment via drip 24 hours a day, repurposing an existing drug. That lowered my heart rate. I could function for short periods, but would always be an invalid chained to an IV unless we found a permanent solution for months the doctors searched for a tumor on my adrenaline glands.

When scans came back negative it was always a big blow and I could really cry. In May of 2020, I had a fourth, the scans revealed my glands were growing brightly, producing
way too much adrenaline.

Mysterious Disease Was Cured

If we could stop that, we could halt the condition; I decided to create my own surgery research that revealed an operation to remove glands inner medullae, the source
of adrenaline, had been performed on rats and dogs but not humans, I reasoned it could be scaled up.

As much as my life had been derailed, I loved knowing I was breaking barriers. It took a month to find a surgeon to agree, we signed the deal and the operation was to be done in a fortnight,

On the eve of the operation, the doctor turned the agreement away saying that he was not ready to face the guilt of murder, He added that the operation was risky and I might die in operation.

I was left in shock as I had looked for doctors all over Kenya and he was the only one who could help me deal with the operation. Luckily one morning as I was surfing on the internet I came across a website

After a serious go thought I learned that the doctors could treat any disease with no hesitance. I booked an appointment with them and the following day I met doctor kiwanga and I was diagnosed.

I was given herbal medication and after three days I was fit back to my good health again. Thanks to Kiwanga doctors for saving my life. You are the best herbal doctor I have ever seen. Kiwanga doctors also deal in treating and healing various diseases like Leukemia, Meningitis, Epilepsy among other diseases.

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