What is a YouTube Thumbnail?

YouTube Thumbnail

Thumbnail has special significance in SEO (Video SEO). Because a thumbnail is the part of the video that the viewer first sees. In such a situation, it is very important for Thumbnail to be attractive.

If Thumbnail is Attractive then the viewer will definitely click on it. But the question is how to make an Attractive Thumbnail? And which thumbnail to choose for which video? Because thumbnails also have different types.

In such a situation, there is a dilemma in the mind that how to choose the right thumbnail for a YouTube video? So let us know in detail.

Video SEO: Types of Thumbnail

There are three types of Thumbnail in SEO.

First, Image.

Second, Image And Texts (image and text) and third, Text as an image (text as an image).

YouTube Thumbnail

1. Image Thumbnail

An image thumbnail corresponding to its name is an image on which nothing is written. That is, it is a 100% image, it does not contain texts.

Because there is no need for texts. The image itself tells everything. It is considered to be the best format of thumbnail according to visualization.

Image Thumbnail is commonly used for videos that are made on a famous brand or character. Such as famous cartoon series characters, film stars, cricketers, politicians, comedians, any big brand, etc

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2. Image And Texts

The most commonly used format of thumbnails is Image And Texts. It contains both Image and Texts. If we talk about Texts, then they are either written on an image or on the side

3. Texts As Image

This is the Worse format of a thumbnail. Because there is no image in it. While it is most important to have an image in the thumbnail.

Therefore, this format is neither considered good for visualization nor vSEO. If you talk about use, this format is used for videos that have multiple topics. Such as news, list, index, etc. In this format, only Texts are written above a background.

How to Download Youtube Videos thumbnail Full HD

Download Youtube Video Thumbnails in Different Sizes and Qualities. Just Paste your Youtube Video Link in the Input Box Given Below and press “Download Youtube Thumbnail”, Download free youtube videos thumbnail images in Full HD(1280×720), HD Image (640×480), Normal Image (480×360, Small image(320×180, Super Small Image (120×90) by using this tool and That’s it.

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