My Wife Was Pregnant By Another Man Before Our Wedding

My Wife Was Pregnant By Another Man Before Our Wedding 1

[This is a riveting story that exposes how daredevil women trick men into marrying them, knowing very well they are already pregnant by someone else.]

Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu now claims he dumped his wife after he discovered that she had walked into their marriage while heavily pregnant with another man’s child.

Raburu has reportedly accused Mary Ngami of infidelity saying that she had tricked him into marrying her after she told him she was pregnant by him only discover a few days to their wedding that the child was actually not his.

He, nonetheless, went ahead and tied the knot with her “out of love”.

“Before our wedding, my wife had someone’s kid, because I loved her I just wanted us to get married and I raise the kid but deeply I felt so bad,” says Raburu.

They eventually settled down after a honeymoon in the US, he knew very well that he was about to raise someone else’s child.

“Out of the love I had for the lady, we decided to settle down and even go for a honeymoon in the States. I had no personal feelings about that because any child is a blessing from God.”

Raburu said that as much as he tried to downplay the scary thought of accommodating a child that was not his, it kept on haunting him, finally reaching a point he could not bear the pain anymore and especially after their daughter died under unclear circumstances.

It is then that he decided enough was enough and boldly walked out on Ngami.

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