My Partner Dumped Me Because I Had A Small Manhood

My Partner Dumped Me Because I Had A Small Manhood

When I hit puberty I was hopeful that in the near future I was going get a partner to enjoy our
love life together. A partner who was going to be understanding and always be by my side

Little did I know I was fantasizing about love and that it’s tough to be in a relationship.
Here is my story. My name is Jack and I have been in marriage for three years now.

Marriage has a lot of storms but it’s upon the wife and the husband to learn to understand each other. Having talks and the know-how of everyone in a relationship is key in the growth of a relationship.

It’s a few months now that the less expected happened when my Partner whom we have been in a relationship for three years dumped me on claims that I had small manhood and that I was not meeting her sexual satisfaction.

Before that happened, she kept on saying one day in time she was going to ditch me for another man if I don’t get to work on the size of my penis. We had just done our wedding and it was the first time we had sex.

We had never had it before since we were truly Christians and believed that committing fornication was a sin and punishable in the eyes of the Lord.

My wife’s behavior started to change three years later; she stopped giving me the attention she used to give me when we had just married.

She started to spend much of her time alone, she would stay by herself most of the time and when I got closer to her she would say that she wanted me to excuse her for she was working on something in her mind.

Most times she would spend nights on the couch in our sitting room. She never turned to the bed and that most of the time I would spend the night alone in the bedroom in cold. The love I was expecting to get from her never came to pass.

She had promised to always keep me happy and always be my side in front of everyone when we took vows on our wedding day. I wondered what she thought in her mind when she kept doing what she was doing to me at that particular moment.

She lied to the church leaders in front of everyone on our wedding day. Her strange behaviors got worse and she started coming home late in the night at times drunk to a point that she could not walk by herself. She was staggering most of the time.

I really loved her and that I could not wish to chase her away. What if something happened to her in the night when she was drunk, I would be the one to be blamed as it is the responsibility of the man to always protect his lover.

I was not going to withstand that, so I decided to confront her one morning about why she was behaving strangely to a point of coming home late in the night and at times drunk.

That’s when she arrogantly answered me that I was half a man and that she had gotten another man to meet her conjugal rights, she left me for another man. I begged her to stay by me but she refused.

She left me stressed and just in tears in our living room. The following day a family friend visited and noticed I was sad. He asked what was up and that’s when I narrated the ordeal, He was so sorry, he comforted me and told me that he would help me get my lover back.

That’s when he took me to doctor Kiwanga who cast a love spell to bring my lover back and the same way he gave me medication to increase the size of my manhood which did increase just a few days later.

I also got a call from my wife that she wanted to come back to me and that she was sorry she missed my love so much. She turned up the same evening and apologized. She now says I am good in bed.

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