My husband encouraged me to sleep with other men for money – Wanjiru

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The challenging economic times have turned men into great desperadoes, some of them even allowing their wives to sell their pussies in order to put food on the family table.

A 25-year-old reformed sex worker from Uthiru, Kiambu County, narrated her past ordeal to BBC, reliving how in her earlier days in prostitution, she would hop into bed with every Tom, Dick and Harry to make money, with her ex-husband’s full knowledge.

She was once even banged several times by strangers, despite being heavily pregnant without her husband raising a finger to condemn her sexual exploits on the streets of Nairobi.

Purity Wanjiru’s life in prostitution was full of horrors. She recounts an incident that made her bid farewell to prostitution for good.

Back in 2016, a client offered her Ksh15,000 for the whole night in his house and promised he’d pay once they were done and dusted.

Drama unfolded along the way as the client drove home. He diverted and took the route leading to Lang’ata Cemetery in Nairobi.

“He had told me that we couldn’t bang in a brothel because he wasn’t comfortable spending time in guest rooms. He, instead, suggested that we proceed to his house, and promised to pay me Ksh15, 000 for the night,” says Wanjiru.

“While on our way to his house, he diverted and started driving towards Lang’ata Cemetery. When I sought to know what we were going to do in the cemetery, he shouted me down. The more I grew anxious, the more he sped and insulted me.”

“He also threatened to kill me that night. When we pulled over in the middle of the cemetery, he began scolding me mercilessly. He ordered me to strip down, I did. He ordered me to hop off his car before he sped off with my clothes.”

“ I began running towards the cemetery exit stupefied. The watchmen manning the cemetery, who included a Maasai guard, took off when they saw me, perhaps mistaking me for a ghost. One of the guards dropped a ”shuka” while fleeing. I took it and used to cover myself as I tried to find my way out of the cemetery,” said Wanjiru.

She managed to reach the exit and flagged down a taxi that took her home.

After that incident, which happened in early the mother of two daughters, swore she would never return to prostitution.

Today, she engages in garbage collection to emergency out a living.

“In a day, I make between Ksh300 and Ksh400, which is just enough for me and my children. I would rather eat a low-budget meal bought with that money, than enjoy expensive foods acquired through proceeds of prostitution,” she said.

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