How My Late Grandfather’s Ghost Keeps Haunting Me

Grandfather's Ghost

When I was young I used to hear stories about ghost and their existence in life, I was informed that there are Holy Ghost and evil ghosts, the evil ghost was commonly talked about and since I was a kid I knew they always haunted and destroyed.

I come from western Kenya where culture and traditions are highly upheld and respected. For
over the year’s ceremonies about the dead have always been done.

If I can remember my late Grandmother could say if the ceremonies stopped being upheld the dead will get upset and haunt their respective family members.

That one aside late last year I joined a new church that belonged to missionaries from the United States of America (U.S.A). On joining the church, it recommended that for one to be allowed to be a member one needs to stop practicing African traditional activities like issues to deal with remembering of the dead.

As we all know African culture believes that there is life after death and that they will always remember their departed members of the society by carrying out ceremonies on their graves.

In that year I heard of Christianity and so I wanted to join the church no matter what. I stopped my African tradition. So I joined the new church brought by missionaries.

In the same month, I don’t know if it was a coincidence my grandfather passed away and as per the traditions after three days he was laid to rest awaiting ceremonies of sending his spirit in peace.

Since I had joined a new church and issues remembering of the dead, were banned, I moved away from our home and went to stay at the church avoiding to be lured to practice it. The ceremonies were done in while I was absent at home for a month.

After they completed the ceremony I went back home to carry on with my farming activities. The first night I spent in my house was long, I could not sleep, the night was so long. I heard of wailing sounds on the rooftop of the house and movements in my house that I din’t get to understand where they were coming from.

I informed my wife the following morning what had transpired in the night but she could not believe me. She thought I was playing a prank on her. The following night since I was in fear I decided not to switch off the lights, my wife asked me about it but I could not explain because no one could believe me.

At around midnight the same movements I heard the previous night started. I was so scared that I decided to lock the door that led to my bedroom. While I was still locking it that’s when I came face to face with what was scaring me.

I saw the spirit of my late grandfather. I could not believe it to a point that I collapsed. I heard of stories of the existence of ghosts just from people but I had never seen it; that was my first time.

When I gained consciousness the following morning my wife asked me to go to the hospital as she thought I was epileptic and that I had gotten a seizure in the night.

That’s when I opened up to her and told her that the ghost of my late grandfather was
haunting me every night. That’s when she advised me to go to the church for prayers to keep
away the ghost.

I was prayed for the whole day but nothing changed, the ghost kept haunting me this time around it was aggressive that every morning I woke up with dents all over my face. I decided to ask the family members why the spirit was haunting me that’s when they told me that
I had abandoned the death right culture and that it could not stop.

That’s when a family friend told me he knew of herbal doctors who could send away the spirit. I booked an appointment with kiwanga doctors.

And the following day I met the doctor that he gave me charms that send away the ghost for good, thanks to Kiwanga doctors.

They also heal diseases like Syphilis, Tuberculosis among other diseases, also cast real and genuine spells in the world like Money spell, Success spell, and black magic spell.

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