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My Female Schoolmate Sexually Abused me, She Almost Raped me – Lady Narrated her Experience

Female Schoolmate

A Lady took to her twitter handle to explain her bad experience with her female friend who sexually abused her

She posted below :

Nollybabe @fikunmiQ I was abused last year by a girl at my university. I had just come back from an eventful yet disappointing weekend and I was in my feelings. I didn’t want to be alone in my room because I didn’t want to cry and I needed to clear my head out to someone.

I went to her room to talk. I chose her because she had been nothing but kind to me, besides she knew who I was with that weekend, so there would be minimal shale. I started talking and she gave me food and everything.

After some time I got really sleepy. I was in the club till 6 and hadn’t got much sleep. She told me I could sleep on her bed with her, besides the other bed was occupied with my friend who was fast asleep.

I saw no issue with it besides I was fully dressed. I was wearing full-length jeans and a big tee shirt With a crop top under it.

I slept with no worries. I woke up about 3 hours later, to feel her hands in my crop top, touching my breast directly. I thought I was dreaming. I wake up without moving btw, I literally just open my eyes.

So l took some time to assess my environment wondering if I was still out of school. My hostel has very distinctive walls so I knew I was in school, and in my account.I then realized what was going on and I was shocked. I then convinced myself that she was probably just sleeping and being touchy, so l adjusted a bit.

It was then that I realized I was being abused. She stopped when I moved and started peeking over to see if I was awake. I immediately got scared and I closed my eyes because I didn’t know what she would do if she caught me awake.

The confrontation went out of the window. She waited a few seconds and then began to adjust me small until I was laying on my back (I sleep on my side).

I was completely awake during this, it was a struggle to keep my eyes shut and keep my breathing even. I just kept praying that she would stop. She proceeded to put her hands in between my thighs, and there was a big hole near the crotch area of those jeans.

When her fingers found the hole she started trying to touch me, but I had a physical reaction to her hand in that area and I moved. I still kept pretending I was asleep. Every time l would move she would wait small and then continue.

Never did it occur to her to stop. I was honestly going to wait it out and hope for the best but it kept getting progressively worse. If she had stopped I would have never spoken about it because I rate her so. What she did that made me get up by force is that she

What she did that made me get up by force is that she took my limp hand and tried to put it in her vagina. I was repulsed beyond imagination. I wanted to die.

I sat up straight, then she turned over and pretended she was asleep. I have been abused before but this takes the crown. She woke up a few seconds later acting all concerned.

“Are you okay? Did you sleep well? I’ve taken all your stuff to your room dw, okay baby”. I asked for my key and the phone calmly thanked her for her support and then left. As I got out of the door I started crying.

I went into depression for a week straight, didn’t attend any classes, wasn’t eating well, having nightmares, and throwing up every morning at 4am sharp.

I want to thank my roommate and classmates for being there for me. Love you guys. Now I’m saying this to tell you guys that yes girls abuse girls and dare say it’s worse because no one preps you for this. It’s always staying away from boys.

I felt worthless and my trust and mental health suffered. I also had to keep seeing her all the time. She also never apologized and kept cornering me asking if everything was okay. Pls abusers, stop acting the damn fool. Apologize or pack your things and move to Libya, I don’t want to be seeing you pls.

Or better still turn yourself in so I don’t have to do it. Anyways I’m not reporting here because I don’t her to jeopardize her life and career. Il also won’t drop her @.ljust was triggered when I saw her talking on other people’s matter as if she’s not part. And apparently, she’s done it before to a male friend of mine. Anyways everyone just does better. Abuse fucks people up for life.

I would know because l opened it and started crying like a baby, a big girl like me. If you’ve abused someone pls apologize. If you’ve abused multiple people, please turn yourself so as to reduce your disgrace

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