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My Experience With A Long Time Acne, And How I Got It Rooted Off My Skin

My Experience With A Long Time Acne, And How I Got It Rooted Off My Skin

I was 16 years old when I first had my pimples. At first I thought it normal puberty Acne pimples and it would just come and go. I was the class jester and most of the time I spent in class so people would notice about my pimples.

It wasn’t enough that I felt like I needed a dermatologist after the mild moderate pimples turned to acne. My entire head was so full of pimples and I felt really hard walking to school so my mum would drive me every morning.

I tried different skincare routine so I would try fix my face but this face masks routine didn’t really do anything to my face. I could see in our class everyone had that soft face, tender as I would say and I felt like there was no one I could relate my problem to.

Every time I tried different dermatologists or even oil cleansing my pimples continued to get worse and I couldn’t even get out of my room. My mother would try force me but then I couldn’t get that courage to get out of my bed. I watched different movies all day and when tired I could just sleep.

It was one of this months when I went to one of the dermatologist and they put me on doxycycline plus a supplement to see if this would work. When I finished the doxycycline after three continuous weeks I stopped taking anything with fats and cut of oils and tried maintaining skincare routine as I had been advices.

I could see no change however. There wasn’t any improvement on my face and this made me even scared. I did buy different prescriptions some topicals and also creams from different companies. It took me me a month of serious application when my pimples started becoming big and red.

I had thought this creams would fix me up but they had just worsened things. I tried new dermatologist online with hopes the tables could be overturned. I really trusted most of the online doctors and I couldn’t compare them to the others.

I thought they were educated fellas who didn’t get the chance for employment and I really trusted them. I bought new products like creams and I finally started to see some improvements on my face. The big red acne pimples were now getting smaller and smaller and that made me happy.

It was two months after my acne was gone when I started feeling itchy. My acne was back again and when I tried the same creams I had been medicated they didn’t work. I used to look myself at the mirror and I could see red things on my body.

I used to scratch myself so had that sometimes I could see blood coming out. I could hide my face with my hands every time I was out hanging with my friends. They would laugh at me and i would try convince them that it was just normal pimples.

Everybody would ask what I was doing to my skin and I could explain every treatment I had tried and it had not worked. I was 20 when I joined the University and I started feeling more accepting and positive of my skin because at least there was a few people I could relate to.

One of my friends had the same pimples and unluckily hers were even worse than mine. They were like black spots but big. I could hear most of the people comment bad about her, but I understood people never knew how hard it was to cope up with this.

I lost all hopes on doctors and I never found myself again to hospitals or even trying online doctors. I had dealt with acne for more than three years and I was comfortable from time to time, although other nights I could cry under my pillow.

I would pop my own pimples every time I was alone never caring the black scars they would leave on my face. I was not going to seek any professional help as I had tried all and had failed. At a point I had been scared about it but this time I never saw it as an insecurity problem.

All those years I had struggled with low self-esteem and depression until I got used to. I never even saw it a s big deal. I watched people laugh at me, scold me, sometimes even faced rejections from my close friends. My mother gave me confidence and I always believed in myself despite everything.

I knew it doesn’t matter what was outside but what mattered was what was inside. My mother gave me that hope every day I was in my moods. I began to take good care of my skin, bathe with warm water every morning and evening to help peel of the black skin.

I started trying various products again to help prevent the pimples. Most didn’t work but some would work for like a month or even less and became ineffective again. We used to make jokes with my friend who had the acne problem too.

We would make jokes about how ugly we were, how our faces were so big. Sometimes the jokes went too far and we could find ourselves crying. We joked about how herbal
doctors healed different diseases and it was when that idea of them came to our mind.

We googled about them and what popped first was Kiwanga doctors. We booked an appointment with them and the next day we started our journey. Four days after we had received medicine in a bottle our faces started to change.

The acne was slowly fading and we couldn’t see any pimple after two weeks. It been now three and a half years after the encounter with the Kiwanga doctors and they had found a solution to my problem and all I could say was bye bye acne.

Kiwanga doctors help in treating various diseases like health problems, typhoid, cancer problems, acnes and pimples as well as Diabetes.

They also solve family problems, family hardships as well as casting money spells, dark magic spells or even white magic spells.

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