“Mwosho Mmoja tu” Nairobi University Professor’s Prediction on Out Come Of Gov Waiguru Come True.

Anne Waiguru

A political analyst-cum university professor has come out to reveal how his prophecy on embattled Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has come to pass.

The Kenyatta University’s Professor Edward Kisiang’ani on 12 June predicted that Governor Waiguru was safe while in the senate’s committee’s hands.

Taking to Twitter after the Senate Committee’s report which declared Waiguru innocent, the Professor confirmed that what he had said has just come to pass.

“On 12th June, I urged supporters of Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru not to worry about her impeachment. I said, in Senate, she was in safe hands. Senate has not disappointed. She is safe.” he tweeted.

Professor Kisiang’ani had on 12th June urged Kirinyaga residents, especially those who were rallying behind Waiguru to stop worrying.

He alleged the Governor was safer in the hand of the senate.

Prof Kisiang’ani, however, advised Waiguru to resolve to deliver to the people of her county and fulfill all the agendas she had promised to the people when hunting votes.

University Professor

“I don’t think supporters of Governor Waiguru should worry so much about her fate. In Senate, she is safe. The Governor should thus go back to Kirinyaga and continue executing her mandate without fear,” he had said back on 12 June.

The Professor further used a common detergent advert to make jokes around the Senate Committee that declared Waiguru clean.

According to the advert, you don’t need to wash your clothes more than once while using their detergent

“Mwosho mmoja tu @davidmakali1 @Senate_KE @BenjiNdolo @KBonimtetezi @kipmurkomen . Senate Committee never saw any evidence against Governor Waiguru. She is safe,” he cracked the joked, which was indirectly aimed at the committee for not spotting any dirt in their ‘washing’ of Waiguru.

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